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  1. He can not stay away from here don't you know this?
  2. I leave at 8 in the morning.

    Satan loves you more.

  3. No wonder he won't leave me alone.

    Anyway, have a nice trip-it's been too long since I've taken a road trip, never been to Texas; I always head south to FLA! :D
  4. The drive sucked. :mad:

  5. :(

    Should we have expected otherwise?
  6. My left arm got sunburned.
    My exhaust hanagr broke and I tore up my belt holding it up for 600 miles.
    My seatbelt chime wouldn't shut up so I yanked the damn thing.
    My weatherstripping is bad and I caught some really nasty rain which left puddles on the rear floorboard.
  7. well figure out how to comfortably drive with the left arm and hang the right arm out the window. :nice:
  8. At least you got a shower on the way.
  10. Then get on ebay and get some new weatherstripping!

    P.S.: Thanks for all the gory details!
  11. :lol: Weak

    50resto has a great deal on the weatherstriping. I got mine there and the install took 25 mins for both doors. Have to do the sun roof still though.
  12. This thread started off strong then peetered out pretty quick, how disappointing :( .
  13. You should be ashamed of yourself, You are trying to apply to take over in an absence of an ICON on this site and you are allowing something to "petter out" What would Crovax think about you. Step up and fill in that void.
  15. What the gay?

  16. "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination."
    -Leviticus 18:22

    Can't go wrong with the word of God.
  17. hey cro i love you :nice: :rlaugh:
  18. Girls, use the word "love" like they use the word cute....describes everything and yet nothing. If a girl wants to say love, i think she should hafta do 100 pushup-s first, that will accomplish two things...

    teach girls that the word love is sposed to mean something

    And make me feel better about wasting my time in this thread :bang:
  19. Woman to Man translator:
    I guess.

  20. I agree, but let me add the following:

    Girls seem to assign value to the word love(that is to say it has meaning to them); but when a man uses the word "love" when speaking to a woman something happens. The woman seems to be unable to recognize or comprehend the level of value the man assigns to the word "love". I do not believe they are capable, or it has not been proven to me yet. :(

    Women on the whole, Christian or not, seem interested only in securing favorable financial conditions(wealth) in which to place themselves, for which they are willing to do anything for(including marrying a man they do not love because he makes X # of dollars per year). Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman not a financial agreement. :mad: