SN95 Where To Mount Msd Box?

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  1. That's disappointing MSD is crappy, came w the kit so figures I guess.
  2. Yep, its been mounted there for 10 years. Still working fine. Of course I didn't drive it much. My buddy Joey, "the new owner" drives it less than I did so it should last forever. LOL

    By the way, if you are planning to tune it with a chip you won't need the MSD box.
  3. I have run a 6al for 4 years, 6a for 1, digital 6 for 3 and now using the power grid on the 2nd year. Never had trouble with any of them. Just kept upgrading.
  4. Quote wasn't mine :shrug:
    However in my engine bay that right front corner stays real cool.
  5. Your stock ignition should light the system off just fine. No need for aftermarket complications.
  6. i had bad luck with msd also,got a couple bad stuff out of the box,and yet i still have a brand new msd digital still in the box im going to install,i mainly want it for the 2 step rev limeter,hope it works out!
  7. Yeah? So even though it came w kit there's no need?
  8. i thought you bought the entry level 5-6psi kit? I wouldn't think a boost retard set up should be needed at that level?
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  9. I got the 6-8. I think I'm gonna try and put er in the trunk

  10. Sell that POS on Ebay for $100 and get a tune done. You don't need that box for an entry level kit. It's more important to get a BTM if you don't have a tune.
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  12. It's really pretty centered. I guess it's the angle of the pic. I was kind of crispy when I took it.
  13. No worries, thanks man.
  14. It's has an sct chip and has been tuned before and will be tuned again. Will it run w out the box until I can get to the tuner? The wait list is sometimes kinda long. If no then what do I take it off when I get there or can they tune with it left on?
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  15. Yes, if you are planning to tune the car with an SCT chip on a dyno, the MSD box will not be needed. The MSD box is only used to pull timing as boost is added throughout the power band.
    A properly tuned chip can do that better and won't break down.
    Yes, you can drive it to get tuned. Keep your foot out of it and do not go WOT throttle . Your engine will not know that the supercharger has been added until it produces boost. The supercharger won't produce boost unless you get aggressive. So don't! If you do, your Air/fuel ratio will be affected (likely lean) and then you are flirting with disaster. All it takes is once to blow a head gasket.
    Just ease it over to the tuner , you'll be fine. Drive like your granny is in there with you. LOL

    No worries! Like someone mentioned above, Sell the MSD box for $100 and use the money elsewhere on your build.
  16. Old MSD boxes are a crap shoot. Personally, I've never had a bad one, or have one go bad on me. The last time I had a 6a series box, they were still all analog. Since then, I've had a digital 6, a 7531, and that conversion that ran the coil packs on the 2v that was in the red car.

    This is my take on using the MSD in your kit.

    It came in the kit because the mfg of that kit thought it needed it. It is superior to the stock ignition. It significantly amplifies the spark, and frequency of the spark to be sure it lights off a higher cylinder pressure w/o incident.
    The stock ignition was not designed to do that. Although there are plenty of examples of those here that are running w/o one "just fine",......I'd be curious to how much better it could've ran.

    I've had more than one occasion where immediately after installing the box,..the car started faster, ran more crisp at idle, and revved quicker than the stock ignition.
    If the before on that is "just fine", I'll take the "way better" for 800 anyday of the week.

    For the few people who b itch about MSD because they had (or know about) somebody that had a problem w/ one,....... They are the vocal minority.
    You'll never hear from the hundreds of thousands that never have a problem though.

    Bottom line, if you want to be sure that the box is healthy, send it to them and have it ck'd. The 25.00 or so dollar investment will give you the piece of mind that the ignition box,...(that doesn't pull timing w/o a separate MSD box) will be fine.
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  17. Yeah I was wondering about the stock spark being strong enough etc. So I know this is as noob as question as it gets but can I tune and both use the msd at same time?
  18. The box is just an amplifier. It does nothing more than boost the spark, and (in MSD's case) increase the frequency of the spark events per cycle (Hence the "Multiple Spark Discharge" namesake).
  19. There are differences in functions of the various MSD boxes.
    Typically the blue MSD box that is provided in the Vortech kit is only an ignition/boost control box, which is only used to retard ignition "timing" in relation to added boost. That's why I stated above that it is not needed with an SCT chip.

    That blue box will not amplify ignition (spark). He would need a 6BTM to perform both duty's.
  20. I have a red one.