SN95 Where To Mount Msd Box?

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  1. Is it a 6BTM? If so you can run it to help amplify spark. You just won't need it to retard timing with the chip.

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  2. Love your old car . and I mounted mine the same ImageUploadedByTapatalk1399842839.082700.jpg
  3. Great! Covers up an ugly hole too!
  4. yup I was getting a little crazy about that hole I am so glad it's gone
  5. What hole?;)
  6. That hole is where my air filter sits. The box is mounted on a platform by the brake booster.

    640 MSD Box.JPG

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  7. Mine has been mounted in this location for years. Boost retard only. I have a MSD 6AL I was thinking about using in combination.

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  8. I can't really find the room under the hood. I guess I gotta find a spot in the car. I need more wire.
  9. I don't have a pic but the last sn95 i did msd in we put it on the driver side of the firewall
  10. That's my 2nd choice
  11. what's the first ? they work well tbere without an issue if that's what you
    might be worried about
  12. A friend of mine has his mounted on the floor under the drivers seat.
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  13. Where's my $20? lol
  14. Hasn't been 3 wks
  15. I'm putting it in the trunk
  16. And your car went Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ....


    That the name of a child's novel written by Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond novels
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  17. and dropping it off at the dump?
  18. That's why I got that plug and play harness for it . it takes a dump I unplug and plug the coil in and keep it moving