Which exhaust would u buy?

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  1. I can't make up my mind on which exhaust system to get for my v6. Either JBA or Magnaflow.
    It seems that JBA has a kit with a H pipe, an Magnaflo does not unless I am looking at the web sites wrong.
    Does anybody have a JBA system?
    Any advice is appreciated.

  2. Find a place local or on line to get the Magnaflow muflers (and cats it you're after total performance - you will loose a bit of torque without a tune) and then find a local exhaust shop that fabs up systems using manderal bent pipes.

    Out the door should be $600 or less with mufflers and cats.

    A friend of mine did his 05 in here in NY and it was $500 for H pipe back in 2.5" pipe with Flowmasters.
  3. thats a good bit of money when a kit is ~450
  4. The JBA's will be deeper because of the Hpipe. The Magnaflows sound deep too, but not as much as the JBA's, so I would focus on that.

    Another option you can go is GT take off mufflers, xpipe and custom install. I know people that had it done for less than 400 at thier local shops.
  5. I vote Magnflows. Not only for the sound and performance, but build quality is better than JBA. Durability with the JBA is a bit ?able. If memory serves me right rusting is an issue with the JBA.
  6. Thanks Hamidlmt

    Best sound clip for the V6 I've heard so far is the Y pipe JBA. It sounds more GTish than the Magnaflow clips I've heard and may just change my mind on what mufflers to use.
  7. Xaranthu... no prob.

    I think the key to opening up the exhaust is headers... gets much louder, plus revs are quicker.
  8. Yep, I agree. I'm doing headers back. Custom stainless to 3" single pipe, single cat, single 3" strait through muffler tucked under the car before the Y pipe (still have to get under the car to work out the details) and strait pipes out the back. I'm a fan of the fox and the dual strait pipe look.

    As for the sound, the entire set up and position of the muffler(s) does play a part in the over all sound. I'm going to have a bit more of that deep hollow 5.0 sound due to moving the muffler back under the car - hopefully it won't be too hollow. I'm not lowering more than an inch, so clearance won't be a problem and the mufflers I'm looking at are only 4-4.5 inches thick. I'm going to try about 4 or 5 different brands and go with the one that sounds the best... It's nice to have a "product testing" budget.
  9. I have a fellow 05 v6 stang with duals on it. Haven't got a close look at it, but at a stop sign he told me to go to this shop in In. I called this morning and they quoted me $350 complete install with magnaflows.

    I'll be there before they open!!!:nice: