Which hood is the nicest!

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Nicest hood?

  1. Stormin Normon Hood

    18 vote(s)
  2. Cowl Induction Hood

    17 vote(s)
  3. Cobra R hood

    21 vote(s)
  1. Ok guys which hood is the nicest for are fox body stangs??! :)
  2. For the last choice i'm talking aboutthe cobra r hood with the scoop in it..anyone know the proper name for it?
  3. the stock hood? seriously, i see guys all the time with those large cowl hoods, and thats all good and well if you have a large crate motor in there, or somthing that requires more clearence, buy i am content with the stock hood, i like it.
    if you need som extra style i would go with the stalker hood, the one with the 2 scoops closer to the front, they look pretty good on GT's
  4. i like alot of the hoods for 5.0s but i really like the cowls makes a notch look so mean!!!
  5. i like the stormin norman hood from cervinis.
  6. The Cobra SVO hood is what it's called?

    I like the stock hood with an '82 scoop or the Cobra SVO hood....
  7. I would have to sy the Stormin Normin. Just put one on my car this year and I love it. I also love the fact that its actually a functional ram air.
  8. 2.5-2.75-3.00 inch all the way
  9. eh.. I'm biased :D
    Cobra R :nice:

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  10. Mr body has the nicest hood..............not.

    Cobra R!
  11. i like the look of a cowl back hood on a hatch, so i went with a 6"harwood lift off im happy with it i dont need windhshield wipers anyways.
  12. Stormin Normin!! :nice:

  13. That looks like a regular ram air hood, this is a storman norman.

    EDIT: Not implying you said you have a storman norman :cheers:

  15. The hood I was talking about is a cobra r hood..but it has a little scoop on top. The scoop looks like the SVO hood scoop.

    Whats the difference between the stormin normin hood and the ram air hood?

  16. Man, I can't wait until mine is painted! that looks killer :nice:
  17. The storman norman hood is a 2.5" cowl with ram air ducts. The ram air hood doesn't really have a cowl but has larger air ducts then the storman norman.
  18. cobra r, or stock, i hate the norman hoods, way too flashy
  19. y2k cobra r hood looks clean and mean what i have