35th Anniv White 35th

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by white9935, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Could I please get my production number figured out? I have owned this car since new, and just realized what I had about 2 years ago. Thanks for any help.

    My vin is 1FAFP42X9XF206874
  2. Your GT is #3529 of 4,628. Funny you never knew what you had...did you notice there were never alot running around like it?
    I am also an original owner, I knew about the car 6 months prior to buying mine. I had a "situation" where I had to trade two vehicles, my 35th was the only GT they had, so I bought it. I really wanted a white GT. But I fell in love with it after people stared at it.

    Glad you found us.
  3. I noticed there werent a lot like it driving around, I just never realized they were as rare as they are. My dad got it when I was 9, so I didnt know a whole lot about cars then. I personally have seen every other color LE, but never another white one. Thats when i started researching. Thanks for the help. Now its time to start saving money to get this thing repainted.

  4. Yeah since white is the rarest color(515 made), you see fewer altogether.

    I also inherited a Mustang my parents bought new in 1966. its in my sig below.

    Good luck to ya.:nice:
  5. Thats how i initially got my car. My dad gave me his rusted out 65, then i bought a 66 and traded him for this car. I wish Ford would have broken down the number of LE's a little farther than just colors. The picture of the white convertible is the first one ive ever seen. I wish i would have found this place sooner