Roush White Flight

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by SVT Saleen, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. That first one is a pile.

    $17k?!?!?! Get real.
  2. Damn that 351 is a beauty.

  3. Yea, no doubt. It would make a good track car for 10k but no more than that.
  4. Yep, no doubt that S351 is sweet. :drool:

    But $44K starting bid price is simply unrealistic in today's market. :rolleyes:

    At first I thought the characterization of "a pile" a bit harsh regarding the Cobra, but looking at the photos more closely on my higher resolution home monitor, I would now have to agree.
    That car has been hit HARD on the right rear quarter. The photos of the damaged car were obviously taken during the initial repair stage; not before the repairs actually began as the seller claims.

    IMHO, $10K would be too much for that salvaged "pile" of crapola
  5. That starting bid is unrealistic in ANY market since the car was new. Lets put it this way, I didn't spend that much on either one of my S351's and Marcus didn't spend that much on his S351. Yes, it is a very clean and very sweet looking Saleen has we all know how impartial I am to white Saleen's :rlaugh: But $44,000 is simply hoping for a miracle.
  6. The Cobra car if repaired properly would be a decent car. The only problem this guy has is that he has atleast what his BIT price invested in the car. Honestly it is probably a 12000 car. But that is only if you took a good look at all the repairs. If I remember correctly he paid $5500 for the car. One good thing to remember whne selling a repaired car is to make it perfect. You can't leave anything out. Leaving the decals off hurt the car worse than most people think. In the shape he has it listed in it is probably a $9500 car. You don't buy a salvage Saleen, pay someone to fix it, and thn expect to sell it for a profit. If you do all the work yourself and have the parts on hand to do the repair you can come out ok. On the S351, it isn't even a factory R-code car according to the add. That hurt the value of the car. A nice one N/A sold for $18000 in TN with low miles also. I paid less than half the starting bid for my 96 and I only had 3800 miles on it. My 99 S351 was even cheaper.
  7. Or simply put, don't buy a salvaged title...
  8. For most people a salvage title would kill any deal. If I can't fix it myself I stay away but, I have more than just hand tools. Also, you have to know what the state the salvage title is issued in and know what the state requires to be salvaged. Some states such as Florida will total a car if the airbags go off in a light collision or if three body panels that run together are damaged! I have bought quite a few over the years. What he originally paid for the car I would have gave but, when finished I would have had less than $10,000 in the car.