who is ACTUALLY buying an '05 stang ASAP?

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Who is actually buying an 05 Stang ASAP?

  1. yes, buying one as soon as i can

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  2. nope

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  1. you have no idea how much a 2005+ mustang looks better than those fox bodies... I think they look really nice
  2. if it looks exactly like the concept (minus the glass roof - bleh) and isn't much more than current gt's, I will find a way... (dunno how...$26k car while making $24k/yr is tough)

    oh and modmotordaddy, i dunno what you mean, foxes are beautiful (I'm a sucker for 80's hatchbacks) - I'll be keeping mine
  3. Nope. No place to put it, and still making payments on the 00. Maybe in a few years, if they make a Boss that looks mostly like the renderings. Even then, we still won't have a place to put it!
  4. I love the retro styling I just don't like the hood, mirrors, headlights, rear end, wheels, roofline, stance, side, or interior of the pictures of the said to be production car. If the production car came out looking more like the concept and less like the current POS then I would buy one, but for right now it looks like I will buying a 04 Cobra in 06.
  5. I will wait until they get all of the bugs out
  6. I have to wait.

    I want a convertible and I hear rumors they won't be out right away. Also, I really don't want to buy the first year model. Anyway, my 01 GT vert only has 11,800 miles.
    My wife is looking over my shoulder and threatening a divorce if I buy another Mustang. Let's see...Mustang or wife? Hmmm, I am going to have to make a choice here. What colors are available for the GT vert?
  7. I'll wait until the dealers stop raping customers on the price! Does everyone remember the P.T. Cruiser????????????
  8. i think in 07 it'll be a safe to buy a new style Stang, whether new or used...
  9. I said I would never pay over $35k for a Mustang and I won't..I'll get an 06 Cobra if its less than $35k otherwise I'm getting a C6 Vette
  10. I agree!! :nice:
  11. Where did you get that number from.:scratch: The C6 is going to be 45 to 50 thousand entry level. Rather get a Cobra even at 41 thousand and with over 500hp he's :owned:.
  12. the new stang is going to be heavier than the current model so even with the 500hp engine it would be a close race I think the base C6 gets a 425hp version of the LS6....The $35k is just my limit for a stang, I can't see myself paying more than that for one... they are supposed to be affordable...I just feel like anything over 35k and I may as well get a Vette
  13. No way. Dealers are going to add big mark ups as usual.Plus there will be long waiting lists,Plus the dealer 'technicians' won't be familiar with the car ("Your SVT Focus uses 5W20 oil, doesn't it ??" :rolleyes: ) . Throw in an untried engine,and you could be in for a lot of misery. I'm going to wait and see what happens...

    I don't need a new car anyway.. :shrug:
  14. I plan on getting one. But my 03 is great and still new. Maybe 2 or 3 years into the bodystyle when the jacked up prices fade away.
  15. Actually depending on what I think of the 05 when I see it in person/drive it I might try and find a used 03/04 Cobra to get me by til the 06 Beast comes out. The new body style should drop the prices of the old one at least somewhat. Personally I think I'd rather get an 03 Cobra Vert with 390 ponies then the 05 with just over 300.

    Wonder what an 03 Cobra Vert will go for with low miles in spring of 05.....
  16. I was thinking of getting one, then I remembered about the new engine and platform. I will prolly end up with an 06 or 07. There are going to be bugs for shure. Every car has had bugs when its the first year of a new model. If there arent any bugs that would be a miracle. But by then the 03/04 Cobras will be hella cheaper so decisions, decisions.
  17. ill keep my 01 steeda, hope to buy an 06 or 07 cobra. buy then i will have hopefully graduated law school and should be making some decent loot.
  18. I don't think Ford can launch a decent product. Just look at the Escape, Focus, Cobra (heads), and 6.0 Powerstroke launces
  19. 05 and 06 Cobra's (SVT)

    Has anyone else heard that Ford will not be making any SVT's in 05 and 06? I'm sure I've read this or heard it somewhere but am unable to verify this information. So heads up to whoever is waiting until 2005/6 to buy a Cobra, probably the best bet is the 2004 or wait until 2007 (maybe)......