Who Wears A Helmet At The Track Going 15s And Up

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by MrMustangVert, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. ok he never said he was makinf fun of them he just asked a dam question everyone get over it.
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  3. seriously you have posted this argument on 3.8mustangs and got the same results.

    i have been racing for more than 15 years and every track i have been to requires the use of a helmet regardless of 1/4 time.

    i saw a guy in a 16 sec honda lose a half shaft at about 3/4 track and hit the guard rail at about 70 mph. it literally tore the car apart. he didn't walk away from the accident. he was put on a stretcher with a broken pelvis and multiple lacerations and the helmet was cracked. but he lived.

    if you think a 15+ sec time is too slow to warrant a helmet i suggest try this. run as fast as you can into a wall headfirst and see what happens at about 12mph or the average human running speed. you will more than likely not survive the impact.

    why bring this topic up? the sport is dangerous so who cares if anybody laughs if you wear a helmet.

    are you gonna stick a fork in an electrical socket because you are afraid somebody might laugh at you for not trying it.

    your logic evades me and people like you need to keep away from a track so you don't influence young racers into doing the wrong or unsafe thing.
  4. You guys whine too much over this. If you're scared and need one, go ahead. I don't plan on wearing one until rules say I need one and im in a nitrous-fed convertible gt with no rollbar :rolleyes: Theyre more of a hinderance when you dont need it to keep from slamming your head into the seat. Especially when you're trying to watch the track and your RPMs before you slam your 80mph dragster into a wall :lol:


  5. shut up and let other people speak out and ok i get the piont you made your statment. and apperently you have never been to a real track before

    why bring this topic up? well its kinda funny hearing all of you helmet wearing babies wine all of the time thats why i poast this cobra 232 im sure all of the other guys that dont wear a helmet have seen this forum is laughing at you as we speak.

    its pathetic

    let other people speak out i am very tired of the same people with lame excuses about wearing a helmet

    i swear to god you must really watch barny
  6. how old are you? you don't act more than 20.

    i have never heard anybody whine on here about wearing a helmet nor on 3.8mustang.or v6power or corral net.

    you are the one bringing up the topic.

    if you don't want to wear a helmet that's fine. that's your prefrence but don't try to influence others in doing something even remotely less safe.

    i have been in slower speed accidents than what can happen at the track and sustained some pretty severe injuries and if the inpact would have been to my head i wouldn't be here.

    yes the chances are low that a wreck can happen but the chance is still there and they have happened and will continue to happen.

    it was a small chance that 9/11 happened but it did. safety measures set in place saved lives because of accounting for that remote chance

    personally if somebody made fun of me for wearing a helmet i crack them in the back of the head with a 2x4 and tell them when they woke up it was a small chance that was going to happen. now if you were wearing a helmet you wouldn't have been knocked the **** out
  7. Another thought here.

    What if the car you are next to grenades & all sorts of parts & pieces come flying through your window? It does happen.

    Anyone can make their own choice when it's not mandatory, but they should not be singled out for their decision either way.
  8. Out here, they make you wear a helmet in a convertible no matter what you run. I feel it is a silly waste, and if they didn't make me wear one I wouldn't do it.

    I would definately roll my eyes at anyone wearing a helmet in a 15-second hardtop.

    But, then, I grew up before bike helmets or child car seats and somehow, miraculously, survived to adulthood.
  9. I was flipped in a Civic at around 50mph(deccelerating from 80) when I was in 11th grade. The driver, the other passenger, and myself walked away with no major injuries, and no one was wearing helmets.

    I can see why tracks would have rules making everyone. It'd be too hard to enforce a rule saying only certain drivers have to wear a helmet.

    I say if the rules say so do it. If not, it's a free country. We let motorcylcists get away w/o helmets. Who do you think is safer?

    O ya,

    Yes, I contributed, but it's still a stupid topic. :D
  10. Yeah, I think that we all get the point. He does not like wearing a helmet.

    Most of us do!

    I am for the helmet. I have seen car accidents due to speeds in excess of 50mph having tremendous amount of damage including death.

    I am for a helmet at the track and have one in the garage for that task!

    I am closing the thread for how much can you beat this into the ground?

    Thanks guys,

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