Why cant my dad understand?

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  2. I'm 19... I know the how that goes... I was in love with the new body style as well when it first came out and my father owned a 95 V6 Steeda... It was great I miss that car so much.. When I was a senior in school after spring break I looked for a 95 V6 (don't ask)... I bought my 95 Deep Forest Green V6... 1 year later I had the idea of dropping a 302 in it and he just looked at me like I was nuts.. Well I had a 302 Cobra Motor,Trans and everything I said why not... So we started working on it together and it was a blast... Funny how a car will bring families together... Now I just got to convince my girlfriend that... :)

  3. And not having to wash your drawers........... :lol: :lol:
  4. i got my first stang at 18 and did some minor mods. My rents gave me hell for it. my dad would (female dog) and say its a waste and that i shoulda bought a chevy. (he has a 57 belair hardtop). Its funny how buying the parts are the hardest part, but getting them on, is a snap. My dad would come home and see me jacking up the car and ask me what i was doing. "Installing the H-Pipe i just got" "oh, well hold on, let me get changed, and get me a beer." Now after i just got this new mustang that kills just most chevy's, its "come on, let me take it out"

    Another die hard chevy man sees the light of the big blue oval.
    just give it time man, he'll come to his senses. best advice i can give is to get the mod bug to bite him in the a$$, and let him help with the installs.
  5. my mother just sees the boxes coming constantly. im spending my money, so she really doesnt say anything. the only point she brings up is that ive invested a ton more than what the car is worth and will never get it back if i try to sell it.
  6. Just go ahead and do your first mod all on your own to break the ice. Once he sees you doing the work, he'll want to help. Thats how my friends father was. He was against modifying the car because he beleived once he started, the reliability would suffer. Not the case. They just recently got another project car and are restoring it together. Father son projects are cool.
    My pops couldn't have been happier when I told him I wanted to build my first car. That day, we were in the bargain news and online looking for projects. My parents are divorced so I didn't see my father as much as most kids do. Once the project started, everynight we were together working in the garage. sometimes falling asleep there and waking up just mins before we had to be at school and work. That was when I was 15. We didn't finish the car until I was 17. After my HS graduation, I came out to the lot only to find my car had gotten smashed. the whole front clip was busted and my beautiful paint was destroyed. I sold the car a few weeks later and bought my Stang. It was hard to let go of the camaro because of all the nights I remebered hanging with my father until we finished what we were working on. That was the most fun I've ever had. Times I'll never forget.
    I've done 90% of the work on my stang by myself and it just isn't as much fun working without him. I'm looking for another project for us to work on now. Maybe I can convert him to a ford guy. At 21, working, school, girl, and other friends and BS stuff, I've still got to make time for my pops. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am today.
    Make him get involved. He'll thank you later...You'll both be happier.
    Just for the record, I've got a 89 5.0 and had a few other fox stangs in the past, I was just here checking out the 94-95 area because thats the kind of project car I'm looking for. Just checking out what you guys have to say about them.
    Sorry for the long post..... :flag:
  7. My dad always tries to pull the "you should save up to move out and mary that girl you're dating" stuff. But, It's kinda funny, cuz SHE will spend about 200 bucks a week on shopping, wheras i'll have maybe 200 for every couple of months. (see my sig, i've had the car for almost a year now)
  8. as far as the spending of the money goes....My father recognized how much money I was spending and he also recognized that there are worse places to spend it. As time went on, more of my firends started getting into trouble with police and drugs and stuff like that. I had no time for that kinda crap because I was too busy in the garage working, reading books, researcing things online, and talking to the pros. It was a kind of schooling I got those two year we were working on the car. My camaro actually got me a job. I went to a motorcycle dealership to pick up some parts for my dirtbike and the owner of the store was outside looking at my car when I came out. We talked about the car for awhile, and I told him my story, before I left, he offered me a job uncrateing and building motorcycles. I've been there 4 years now and have learned a ton. Not only am I building the new bikes, but I'm also servicing some of the hottest and most exotic motorcycles on the planet.
    Don't think he doesn't realize that you can be doing much worse things. He just wants you to save some because it may and will come in handy someday.
    Listen to me, I sound like I'm 50...Sorry again for the long post... :flag:
  9. i was also 7 in 1994...but my dad didn't want me to buy my car...but my mom wanted me to have want i wanted being that i payed for it nad for the insurance which i do. i work 2 job also and make money for the car to do what i want, but when i got the car my didn't approve until it was in the driveway...now he begs to drive it all the time...now he tells me that it reminds him of when he was young...so he went out and bought a 68 Torino.. :shrug:
  10. As long as I buy my stuff, my Dad puts in it for free. I usually give him a 30 of Budweiser, and he usually complains about how I shouldn't spend my money on him. The only bad part is he gets to drive the car first, once everything is done to it. He gets excited when I buy new stuff, I'll be checking out eBay to see if I can scam anything on there for cheap and he'll be like "well if you get it, we can put in on this Sunday." It's pretty cool.

    I wouldn't worry about your Dad. As long as he doesn't out right say "NO" then keep doing it.

  11. I just read your post again....Your dad wants you to get married at 17??? Man, He must really want you out of the house...Just kidding.. :D
    You should be thinking about your car, not your wedding...You've got plenty of time to save for that. Doesn't the brides parents pay for the wedding anyway??? or most of it??? Or am I really behind the times? Is Bride politicaly correct, or is there a new term for it? Goes to show you where my mind and priorities lie... :D :banana:
  12. Its funny how everyone's father is the one to argue with. Not to mention they hate the idea of modding but when it comes time to install, they are the first one in the garage to help you out.
  13. Actually my dad doesn't mind me spending the money. He helops me out sometimes, however when it comes to working on the car he DOES NOT want me to touch it. He tells me to get it done by a professional. He doesnt do anything except checking fluids and changing his oil and gets paranoid about everything. For example, just last night he got paranoid over his oil drain bolt getting stuck on his socket... he was like "OH, this never happend before. I get nervius when stuff like this happens...." haha thats so funny. :rlaugh: Anyways, my mom hates my car and says I spend too much money and time on it. She keeps threatening me to sell it since I owe her money for the motor right now. I guess everybody's parents are different. :shrug: I just wish my dad was a gearhead like me... Oh well, at least my friends are. By the way I was 10 in 94'.
  14. My dad was the same way. He wanted me to drive a truck and when I bought the stang he called it a "Coffin on wheels". After awhile he liked the car but after every mod I did or planned to do I got the same response from him, "You're RUINING that car!". Funny thing is a few days ago he told me that I needed to "Lose the luggage rack and get a cowl hood." So my dad finally came around, I'm sure yours will too one day.
  15. My dad is the EXACT SAME WAY. He was born an old fart. The day I got the car he told me I wasn't allowed to modify it. Well that didn't last long. Somehow an O/R h-pipe magically showed up at our front door. I hid it from him and put it on a few days later. I drove home that day with it on and he gave me a weird look, I told him I put a new mid-pipe on with no cats, well that took him a while to get used to.

    But now he's used to it. He doesn't like the idea of me putting almost ALL of my money into my car, but its better than drugs and stuff. I've even got him going to the track with me every once in a while. He's still a long way away from helping me with a drag car or helping me with any mods though, but I'm still glad he's letting me work on this one.
  16. My dad just told me if im planning on going fast, make sure you can stop fast. He told me he wants me to upgrade my brakes soon. He also wants to help me swap a 351 into my car. Like i can just pull one out of my ass.

  17. As long as you are working on that 351 creation, I would take one too....

    Anyway, if your dad's say anything about it, you all are in better shape than me. I live 150' from my parents and he has not been to my house in about 1 1/2 years. The man knows more about engines and rebuilding stuff than most mechanics around here and he would not talk to me about changing or fixing or rebuilding or upgrading anything on my car. And for the most part, if your dad does not want you to mod your car out, it is because he wants you to be safe and not go fast and not have wrecks and the big one, not come home. Don't down him for that, at least this way you know he cares.

  18. My dad is the awesome bomb. Sure, he tries to keep me in line by reminding me what's "practical" and "reliable," but he knows whats good. He took the time when I was growing up to teach me mechanics and it's something I really appreciate. We always used to work on his busted-arse VW when I was little. Now he helps turn wrenches on my cars. Heck, just this Sunday he helped me pull a boneyard motor for my T-Bucket project. It's a Buick 425 nailhead rated at 360/465 stock that's going into an 1800 lb car. So much for practical and reliable!

    I only hope I become half the man he is.
  19. my dad used to support me so much. he said a long time ago "get an intake and some 3.73 gears." he knows so much about cars. he used to have a GTO back in the day that used to pull the fronts off the ground. he used to work on the stang with me. teaching me what is what. he still reads mustang mags with me and we have hour long discussions. he RECOMMENDED i get the hood in june and get it painted a certain way. what a fatty. he wants me to get bigger brakes and ****. i say hood, he says sell it. last time i checked, those brembo brakes are like $1200. i give him a break because without the mustang, me and my dad would be oil and water. my mom told me how happy he was when he found out i wanted to take automechanics in 9th grade. i know he just doesnt want to see me break down if something happens to my car. my car to me is my most proud possession. i worked since i was 14 to get it. my car to me is like my child. and ive gotten quite a bit of mods done. after i get my manifold, ill have every bolt on, plus gears, shifter, springs, and all sorts of interior ****z. if he didnt care about speed, that 03 cobra sitting in the garage would have a 3.8 liter in that. he thinks hes slick.
  20. My dad is a car guy except he just likes to look at new cars and whatever. He doesnt really like working on cars. He thinks its neat i can work on my car and mods it. I would have him help but he doesnt know much. he does sorta, but he just doesnt like getting his hands dirty. Whenever i get a new mod he gives me a little speal about spendingmoney. Then right after that hes excited to check it out. He even bought me a king cobra clutch and tri-ax for christmas.