why won't it start?

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  1. It's not the Fuel trip switch... checked it.

    I bought a 98 F-150 (v6 4.2) as a parts car for another one I have and my plan was to take off what I need and sell the rest. The truck was in a front end wreck but not too bad, enough to bend the radiator support a little. anyway according to the seller they couldn't get it to start after that. It turns over just fine, sounds like it should start, just doesn't.

    any ideas?
  2. There is an IFS on the F150. It is located in the passenger's kick panel on my Son's 2005. It's not easy to see. Requires the trim panel to be removed and you actually have to get your head way back and look down to see it. Not obvious at all.

    Try looking there first and reset it.
  3. It will have a switch and it's probably what's wrong.

    Look up in the passenger side footwell. The switch is a black & red box with a button on it:

  4. thanks guys. I dont remember how to reset it though. just unplug and replug it in? or hit the red button?
  5. Things with "red buttons" on them are usually reset by pressing the "red button".

    OBTW, it's the same part as in the Mustang just located in a different spot.
  6. lol. wasnt sure if it needed to be up or down... anyway that wasnt it. I tripped it myself and when it is tripped it says "Fuel Reset" right on the dash...

    other ideas??
  7. So if it won't still won't start, remember FAST. Fuel, Air, Spark, Timing.

    Confirm all fuses in the BJB and CJB.

    Begin by looking at the no-start sensors. The crank shaft position sensor (CKP) and engine VPWR.

    Confirm that the fuel pump primes when the key is cycled on/off/on.

    Confirm there is +12 volts on the Red TPS wire.

    Confirm there is +12 volts at the ignition radio interference capacitors.

    Confirm there is +12 volts at the red wire of one of the fuel injectors.

    If the voltage is not found where expected, STOP and find out why.

    Use an ODB2 scanner to monitor the RPM's. Confirm they change while cranking. If not, the PCM is not seeing a signal from the CKP. This is a no-start sensor.
  8. finally had ten minutes to look at it, and got it started.... the coil wire wasn't plugged in. lol :shrug:

    so I got me a running and nice idling 4.2 4x4 motor for sale... :D
  9. Hello, i am new to the site.

    I have a 1988 mustang with an '89 motor and wiring harness. I Picked up the car in Sept. At one point the alternator was no longer charging and I had to replace both alternator and battery. Now the fuel pump no longer primes when turing the ignition. I had a mechanic buddy of mine look at the car to test the voltage, relays, and the inertia switch of which all seem to be okay. I am at a loss at this point. If you over ride the pump via a a jump wire, you hear the pump prime.

    Any suggestions​