1. No kidding, i love riding in my friends 87 Grand National

  2. Well, that's interesting...

  3. Wouldn't we all if we could :D
  4. This is true, but a stock 454 could easliy run off a 750 cfm double pumper with 50cc pumps. If you bore it and then stroke it on top of other goodys you put on it, chances are 750 cfms may leave that beast thrusty for more fuel. Pop it on, run it and then check the plugs you may have to run some big a$$ jets or switch to a bigger carb like the guy said earlier.

    Ok now lets get back to the four bangers :) I'm sure Mikes 12sec turbo 4 gets better gas milage than your BBC. I'm also sure that its more dependable than your BBC ( But not sure on that one since none of us drives right anyways). I think the cool part is the fact that he proubly spent 2500.00 for the car and turbo/engine and out ran a 20-30k Fire Bird (v-8). I would guess that it would cost 2500.00 just to build that BBC ( parts/machine work) even with you saving on labbor with your dad.

    Disclaimer : I used Mike SVOR since I followed the build on it for over a year. I'm sure there is equaly fast 2.3L turbos out here.

  5. The 454 is a dream of mine...I still have a mostly stock 2.3....The 454's hanging out on an engine stand... :( I just get to drool over it when I visit the parentals...
    As for gas mileage, I'm curious to know what a turbo 2.3 gets...The only turbos I've ever driven/ridden in were in vehicles weighing a ton or more.
    My car gets around 25mpg right now, and that's with an O2 sensor that's angry.
    With a good sensor I was getting around 33mpg (highway).

  8. Over weight elefant. I'd walk all over you in my 460.

    I think a Saleen S7R and a Cobra be on my list for the lotto......maybe a Mack truck done up to toast all 8 rears for a city block. Can't resist a nice 12cyl pasta rocket either or a DHC2 Beaver, HD Fatboy, and massive amounts of acreage.

  9. Macks are ghey :p, gotta have a mid 90s Kenworth T900, C501T or K900E Aerodyne. Those things are yummy.
  10. I knew what you meant, I just had to give you hell about it:D

  11. No prob...sometimes my fingers type way faster than my brain thinks..... :eek:

    BTW: It's fun to get a 3rd gear scratch out of a 1 ton dually.... :D
  12. I'm not sure my 2.3L is still N/A and in bad need of plugs and a o2 sensor. It's like 15-18 mpg right now. They did a thread on this and a guy got like 23mpg on a turbo 2.3L :)

  13. Does KW build engines now? Anyways, Gimme a Pete over a KW but none of those dorky "ant-eater" aero noses.
  14. I don't think they do build engines, but you can get them with 16L V8 Cummins engines.