Will cobra brakes fit in my wheels?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by AdamantiumKnot, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I have the 17" '98 mustang gt rims, will the cobra brake kit fit with them?

  2. as far as i know, you must have 18" wheels to clear 13" brakes. unless you get a set of spacers, but then it looks kinda dorky IMHO
  3. the regular cobra brakes fit no problem. the cobra R kit would require 18" wheels, or else a 17" wheel that has a large enough offset or has the right hump on the spoke.
  4. The Cobra brakes are the same all the way to 96 if my memory serves me right. Those cars came with a 17" wheel from the factory.
  5. Then why do cobra's, mach1's, and bullitts come with 17inch wheels and 13 inch brakes?
  6. hehe good point, thanks for the advice.

    i just ordered cobra headlights and clear corners and i'll hopefully be ordering the breaks sometime this week or next from mustang tuning. just replacing crap as it goes. i'm actually surprised, my powerslot rotors warped with in 2 years of having them installed.

  7. i stand corrected
  8. 94-04 cobras had the same brakes
  9. the brakes were similar but not the same. the pistons in the calipers on the newer cobras are a diff diameter than the older cobras.

  10. 93-98 has 38mm pistons, 99-04 had 40mm pistons. Also thread pitches for the banjo bolt and bleeder changes as well.

    (93 Cobra R uses the 94+ Cobra setup)
  11. those 17" wheels don't have much space behind them like the 17" wheels that came on the Cobra/Mach/Bullitt etc... I sold mine because it didn't look like they would fit my Cobra brakes and was told by a few that those particular wheels would not clear.
  12. I'm pretty sure they will fit. The 94-95 17" GT wheel does work with them. I'm pretty sure i have a pic of a Fox with Cobra brakes and the split 5-spokes on. Let me see if i can find it
  13. thanks guys. does anyone have cobra brakes with these wheels out there?
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  18. They fit every other 17" Mustang wheel...so i don't see why they won't fit the split 5-spoke
  19. just ordered the cobra brake kit and stainless steel lines. if they don't fit that's gonna suck.

    i'll either have to sell the brake kit or buy new wheels lol.