With or without foglights?

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Foglights, yes or no.

  1. I like the foglights.

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  2. I dont like them.

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  1. I find the look of the car alot cleaner without the foglights in the grill. What do you guys think? Those extra lights are distracting. I never liked them in the earlier mustangs either. Its just too far in the center of the grill, but its not as good looking as the '69 model cars or the '67 fastbacks w/ fogs in the center...

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  2. Ford will make the fog lights look better in the 2006/2007 Mustang GT. The 2005 will have the fog lights wider apart from each other. In 2006/2007 they will be centered more towards the middle and look more like the 67 Shelby Cobra Mustang and the 69 Mustang cars.
  3. I'd prefer the fog lites in the bumper cover like on the model. The ones on the GT are too big and look like an afterthought. Hugs and Kisses to you Ron..... :rlaugh:
  4. I just want to make myself clear in here to you Mr. ISMYTHE. I'm in here to learn and to talk about Mustangs because I love Mustangs. In fact, I love Mustang cars like I do all my guns and rifles. There is no reason for you to think that I am a hate monger. That's one of the first things that a communist/socialist left wing liberal calls a conservative right wing republican. If you don't like it go to China where you belong.
  5. Personally, I just call them morons. :shrug:

    On topic. I like the foglights.

  6. I agree with you 100% HairyCanary. Socialists/communist Liberals ARE morons and the fog lights do look smashing. :nice:

    I see that more people in here are voting for the fog lights. So far 55.5% are for the fog lights. Ford then should keep the fog lights on the Mustang for a very long time. I sure hope that they do. Just add blown side scoops and a blown hood scoop to this car. That's the only other thing that I want to see on it. :D
  7. hmm...I like the no fog light look but I also like them. I think they might look cooler if they were a bit smaller and moved inward a little. there needs to be a neutral option on the poll :)
  8. Love the Black one, hate the fog lights. I agree with the idea of puting the v6 front on the GT.
  9. There is nothing worse than political discussions on car enthusiast boards. Ron, I honestly don't care about your political leanings, but maybe you could tone down the sigs so you won't provoke people? At the moment I'd say you are borderline breaking rule #1 of this board (see sticky at the top). Maybe Tyler can advise? At the very least you're taking up way too much space with your signature--it's annoying to have to scroll through all your divisive spewage to get to the next post.
  10. I'm not right wing or left wing, but I do prefer no wing, and no fog lights, but it looks great either way. :flag:
  11. That black is hot!! :drool: Do you have a pic of it with the foglights??


  12. the '69 cars were spread towards the outside. More to the outer edges than the '05.
    I was just saying that they should either be in the center, or edges, not in the middle.
  13. the pic with the headlights is in this forums somewhere. one of the newer threads.
  14. How about in the lower valance like Eleanor :banana:
  15. that black 2005 is hot as hell

    Beautiful... that black mustang is incredible... needs the fog lights... the fogs look awesome... and they're the perfect size in my opinion. I'd prefer a hood scoop though, functional or not they're aggressive looking
  16. I didn't like the fogs back in the 60s either. I also ike a clean grill. I've already decided that I will look to trade with a V6er.

    BUT, that's the only thing I don't like on this body.

    2000 White Vert
  17. Personal Taste....

    I Love the fog lights.....

    It would be an added bonus if they actually worked better also.
  18. Just to make sure you guys understand, the 1969 Mustang DID NOT have fog lamps in the grille. They were the high-beams not fog lamps.
  19. I like the fogs. They were there 40 years ago so why not now on the car that its based on. To have a retro hood you have to look no further than the current Cobra. 03,04 Hoods look very similar to 67,68 hoods.
  20. I prefer the clean non foglight look

    I am waiting to see the vert as that would be the car I would buy if the quality is there. I must admit I like the nose on the 6 and rear end w/o the spoiler of the GT.
    I suspect that I am going to wind up with the 6 cyl. I live less than 50 miles from NYC and the usefulness of 300 hp is limited by the sheer volume of the traffic around here. I think I could get the back of the car to look like the GT w/o too much effort. Then I could convince the wife it would be a great fun car. (She complains about the rumble exhaust of our GT).