With or without foglights?

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Foglights, yes or no.

  1. I like the foglights.

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  2. I dont like them.

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  1. I like the fogs. Very glad to see that they are real clear, instead of the goofy GT/V6 headlight look of the 94-98's. The fogs look simply awesome in the daytime without the lights on, but it will take a little getting used to the look of the lights on at night. Those are four good sized lights, but I bet it will grow on most everyone.

    I'm hoping the 06 Cobra will have a hood scoop and/or other visual features from the concept car. I've always had used Mustangs (83 V6 for college and 94 GT for after college), so I want my first new Mustang to be something special. Maybe the foglights will appear a little differently on that model.
  2. I still like the fogs on the 05 Mustang GT. It would be nice if they could make it look a little bit like the 69 in the front with the fogs. Maybe Ford will update them after the first year production.
  3. so what if he provokes people, its the internet. its not like someone could jump through the screen and kick his ass. He is entitled to his opinion and, to a certain extent, is entitled to express it. But lets not turn this forum into the O'Reily Factor!
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  4. I think the issue is that 66Satellite & most other people on this forum are here to learn & discuss information about the 2005 Mustang.

    There are few things more boring than hearing about other people's children, religion and political views. :bang: :bang: :bang:

    If I wanted to discuss those subject I'd be on any of the hundreds of internet forums dedicated to those topics instead of StangNet.
  5. Agreed

    This forum is for the discussion of the 2005 Mustang. If one wants to talk politics, religion, their married life, etc. take it to the House of Pain.
  6. Looks a lot better without. Looks much cleaner.
  7. Ok, Thats true, and I dont mean to drag this on, but if its in his sig then is he considered to be talking about it :shrug: . Anyway, I will shut up now. Later!
  8. As they stand now...definitely without the headlights (or the spoiler for that matter). If they were on the outer edges more on in the center then definiteyl. Right now, they jus look tacked on...like the old 65-67 foglights (at least these don't have the bars)
  9. I wonder what it would look like with yellow fog lights. Someone should photochop in some yellow foglights!
  10. Thats a good point too. I also would go spoiler-less if i got this car. Much cleaner!
  11. If ford gives it yellow fog lights i will punch them. Yellow fog lights are the ugliest and most useless things i've ever seen. Personally i like the foglights and I dont mind the spoiler. I can't wait until people put on the Saleen SR bi-wing and then make fun of "ricers" for having their huge ugly spoilers (even tho the ricers spoilers are probably smaller and more functional). The spoiler looks fine and i think it needs it to give it that little extra sporty look.
  12. I prefer Hooter's hot wings , but I like the fog light delete.
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  14. BTW, I do like the foglights. :nice:
  15. If I get one I may do that...funny on how I was just talking about that to friend of mine a couple hours ago. I told him if that was the only way they came i would spend the extra bucks and buy a grill from a V6 model and swap it.
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  17. Hm.....thats a good question.

    In that picture, no foglights, that picture looks amazing.

    But with the gt's with the racing stripes, I like the foglights