would/could a 2001 Mustang GT stock brakes fit a 65 coupe with Drum brakes?

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  1. Guys I had a 2001 Mustang GT that I upgraded all the brakes with Brembos. Now, I am am getting a 65 with drum brakes all around. Has anybody swapped out the drum brakes for GT's disc brakes? If anybody can help me out here I would appreciate it! I have no idea, drum brakes are well before me and I have NO knowledge of them. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jeff
  2. if 65 has v8 spindel PBR caliper should mount nicely to it. you need 2-piece bracket, yet I don't know if anyone makes them
  3. I believe someone used to make brackets that would make the SN95/New Edge (v6 & GT) brakes fit on 64.5-70 classics. However, they stopped making the ones for the front brakes. It is possible, but you would have to either fabricate your own brackets or find a used set of them somewhere. There is likely a company that still makes the brackets for the rear end. I am not 100% sure, but I think the brackets for these were made by DazeCars. I could be wrong, but you might wanna start by asking him about it.
    If I can offer a recommendation, I would recommend selling your '01 GT brakes to the fox body guys and getting some 13" Cobra brakes for the classic. You can buy brackets for that conversion from Mustang Steve or Vintage Venom. One draw back with going with Cobra brakes is that you have to use 17" wheels or bigger. It has a bit more support on these forums.
    Good luck either way you decide to go.
  4. What rim/tire do you have now ?

    The Mustang Steve Cobra kit should fit both the Cobra caliper and the standard GT caliper. You just need to use the GT rotor instead of the Cobra rotor.
  5. CSRP now sells a complete kit using the GT PBR calipers and rotors. It comes with everything you will need with brackets
    Here is his site:
    Welcome to CSRP
    You will need to give Dennis a call for more info and prices
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