Would you like a more powerful GT? Would you sacrfice the V8 engine for it?

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Prefferred engine:

  1. 300bhp 4.6 V8

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  2. 350bhp 2.0 Turbo 4 cylinder

    16 vote(s)
  1. I want a V7. Cuz it would be odd
  2. Hell yeah. Lets make a V8 only stang. That'd cut down on the rejects that buy a v6 and put fart cans and neons on it. I've seen mustangs with low rider wheels. Ridiculous? I think so. The v6 is more of a grandma kinda thing. Sure it has 200hp but people are using it more like a Taurus.

    The bad part of that is the people that cant afford the V8 model are outta luck. But hey, thats why we have the Focus.
  3. no turbo lag, and a consistently repeatable powerband makes road racing much easier.
  4. why mot the v-10 they built a couple years back? 500hp v-10.....they can do it and it will fit.....
  5. Actually go so some FRIGGING research.

    The AJ-V8 is a JAGUAR own engine and has nothing to do with Ford. The only thing Ford may have contributed was financial stability for Jaguar when they took them over, in terms of this engine.


  6. "it's gettin' hot in heeeya" :D
  7. Your from england, and your english is horrible, so try typing in american next time and we will understand you better :nice:
  8. AHHHHHHH!!! :nono: :nono: :nono:

    Practically impossible. You need to have an even number of cylinders on a vee engine to have any hope of dynamically balancing it. It would shake itself (and the driver) apart.

    How about an inline 7? or a V14?
  9. Easy killer. I think he knows the basics of engine dynamics.
    Perhaps gp should have included the [sarcasm] tag? :rlaugh:
  10. didn't VW have a V5 in the Golf?
  11. still English I'm afraid but some of the more techy people may find this of interest:

  12. it's still a FORD engine by default/
  13. what ever...........
  14. single plane crank on a 90 degree V8? That's hookey business.
  15. mustang has ALWAYS offered a 6 cylinder option. matter of fact, the mustang started life not as a car to go stomping down the track, but as a car to just bring in the youth or help people "recapture their youth." yeah, many think of it as a peformance car now, but it's nice to see that the mustang has held its heritage and original purpose.

  16. Uh there was no 6 cylinder option on 87-93 Stangs, they were either 4's or 8's.
  17. A 2.0 4 banger with 360 lb tq? Man, that's a motor that's already overstressed from the factory. 360 tq is a LOT for a 2.0. I'd have to say no way, hose. Because if you want to add even 20 HP, I'm sure you'd run the risk of throwing a rod. That motor is already maxed out, not to mention the fact that such a modded motor will drive the price of the car way up. Give me the V8 and with the extra 5k I'll have in my pocket, I'll get that baby up to 400 HP/420 TQ, no problem.

    Oh, and it'll sound better, too. :)
  18. Its just not a Mustang without a V8. Its a Mousestang.
  19. [QUOTE='01SilverBullet]Uh there was no 6 cylinder option on 87-93 Stangs, they were either 4's or 8's.[/QUOTE]

    yeah, i remembered that after i put the post up, but it still shows that the mustang was a car that was meant for the masses, not just for performance junkies.