Would you rather see a '67 restomoded into a Shelby or an Eleanor?

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Would you rather see a '67-'68 fastback made into a Shelby clone or an Eleanore?

  1. Shelby, of course.

  2. If you're gonna mod it, make it an Eleanore!

  3. Leave the poor fastback alone, what did it do to deserve this?

  4. My god, aren't we tired of this Eleanore crap yet?

  1. Ok, first, I want it noted that I posted this in its correct place, the talk side, out of respect to the tech side of this forum.

    So there have been a bunch of Eleanore threads, including poll, so I thought I'd post one that begs the question: Which whould folks really rather have, a Shelby clone or an Eleanor clone?

    So register your vote, then rant your reason(s), then lets kill this entire Eleanor thing for while. ;)
  2. I would rather have a shelby clone.
  3. You forgot choice #5 : "Leave US alone, what did we do to deserve ANOTHER Eleanor thread!" :doh:
  4. Eleanor with a twist is my vote. Can't have exactly what the next guy has. Know what I mean.
  5. :lol: :nice:
  6. ...

    100% Agreed.

    It's his ****ing car, leave him the hell alone with it.
  7. WTF are you talking about?:scratch:
  8. I think he's talking about the thread Hopkinator ran on the tech side about converting a real Shelby into an Eleanor. But hey, 70stangcoupe, lets remember that the Hopkinator knew what he was getting into, and he did litterally ask for it...

  9. Imust say that the real Eleanor is NOT a 67 Shelby. It's a 73 Mach 1 Q code. Just ask electricgreen. as to 67 mods: BE CREATIVE and true to yourself.

    and here's your penny back.

    edit: I elected the last one. I'm tired of people calling the 67 Cage fastback "Eleanor". It didn't earn it. Chase was too short.
  10. I picked "leavethe poor fastback alone" only because the answer I would like to have picked is not available. Assume lots of money left to play with after the chassis/brakes are done.

    Givens: It would end up being restomodded.
    While I like FE's, I think a Windsor would be a better "fit".
    I'm not afraid of electronics, and I think re-jetting carbs every 1000' change in altitude is a pain!

    With the two givens, I'm thinking a 393W with 5.0 MAF EFI. A Shelby style hood would give more clearance for the TFS intake, without the look of cowl induction which I don't like or that even more butt-fugly hideous Eleanor "power bump" (swear to God, I saw that term being used to describe the hood somewhere).

    So, I thinking the 67 Shelby style hood (and maybe the 10 spokes :nice: ) on an otherwise nice looking FB (or coupe :nice: ).

    Still Dreamin'
  11. Yeah, I was careful to limit the options of the poll to give this poll a subtle twist... I really wanted folks to make a decision between #1 a Shelby, #2 an Eleanor, #3 a stock fastback, or #4 "get over it all and do your own thing already", without getting bogged down in the "real" vs fake vs. converted vs. restomod, etc...
  12. i just like fastbacks...

    is that so wrong?
  13. No, but you are!:D;)

    Saw my dream carlast week.....'65 FB GT...gorgeous! I still drool just thinking about it!

  14. william.
  15. Bill.
  16. Please don't bring him into this. His presidency was a pain. Leave Bill alone. PLEASE!!!


    and I still say ENOUGH ALREADY!!

  17. No, it's NOT enough.

    Guillermo Sancho

    Now it's enough :p

    Still Dreamin'
  18. so enough is enough, eh?
  19. Dick

    Trickle :D
  20. Too much is just enough.