Wow what a LOOONNGGG night

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  1. Well it was my buddy's b-day today and we were out front of my house chillin havin a couple drinks and people over when 2 car full of kids drove past talkin smack... blew it off just trying to have a good time... well about 3 minutes later they yell somthing " Folk Killa" ???? i guess its some kinda gang thing. :rolleyes: i took the stang out turned the corner and there they were. They got out of the car and i got out askin what the deal was and they were saying somthing about killing some folks and bla bla bla and i was like. I dont want no drama in front my house and then i got hit with a bat not once, not twice, not 3 times! but 5 times in the back of my head. One of my buddies went to help me out but then he had a gun polled on him... :nonono: This crap really makes me sick to my stomach when you cant just hang out in front your house and have a good time... i dont live in a major city but its been growing a lot... thinks its time to move :shrug: just a lil vent

    :owned: by gangster wannabe's...
  2. Folks is a gang thing. You'll know them by an upwards pitchfork or spear looking symbol. The guys were obviously the opposite in which they turn the symbol downwards. Funny thing is they are hardcore trailer trash kids trying to be city gangstas but they just come off as some backwoods Deliverance scene.

    P.S. Folks are usually crips and their haters are always bloods.
  3. i would call the cops and turn their asses in for battery. You dont have to put up with it.

  4. sounds to me like you asked for the bat in the head. I would of just let them be or called the cops.
    I try to avoid confrontation as much as possible.
  5. I wouldnt say he asked for it, but I agree with everything else.
  6. Next time, the best way out of a situation such is that....put on some "Pretty fly for a white guy" as your theme music pull up, waving W-side...tell them your gonna bust a cap in their yo-yo mobile,foo.
  7. Dont forget the powder blue jersey and that sideways hat!!!
  8. And a shotgun for the second time they come by....

  9. yea i would of shot those mo-fos. i dont put up with that #$@! round here and its prominent in the dirty south. but when that crap happens call the cops and let them handle it ohhh and watch your car. it has now maybe become a target for vandalism.

  10. Well i didnt deserve it. I ignored it as much as i could. I just cant stand that crap... And to the fact that my car is now a target... yes, I woke up today to no back window, 4 flat tires and a kicked in door. :( I have some pics ill post in a few. I filed a police report and they told me i couldnt do anything do to the fact that there is no "evidence" and nothing proving that they did it. Why cant i just be left alone... i dont want nothing to do with it. Im not in a gang i dont hang with gangs :shrug: . Are they all like this? talk about ****ing your life away. Hope they get shot :notnice:
  11. man i hate to here about your car thats a bunch of little chicken sh.t bastards i cant stand when people screw with cars because they got a problem with the owner. well they will get whats coming to them one way or anouther
  12. for under a 1000$ you can have alot of fun with the following 4 items...

    1: No tresspassing sign's
    2:2nd Amendment
    2: Night vision scope w/range finder
    3: Video Camera w/night vision
    4 [​IMG]
    (black market...or ebay)
    I suggest a high hidden position. First objective is thier method of escape...

    1 round within 500 yards will peirce the Impala armor, and detonate the gas tank.

    Next aquire your targets in order of speed, by this time they will be scurrying pretty quickly...Take out the quicker ones first, working your way down to the drunk staggering fat ones. Be sure to keep your fire withing your no-trasspassing zone(for legal reasons).

    A plan such as this, cannot fail. Sorry just watched that denzel washington movie.... best quote "Forgiveness is between them and God, its my job to arrange the meeting"
  13. well now that they have F****ed with ur car its time to forget getting mad and get even. if the cops wont do anything time to take the law into your own hands. i would call some friends over one night and go to wal-mart, get some louisville sluggers, crobars, and other goodies and light those jerks up next time they came by. but i am liking woodsters plan too. hahaha that gun is freakin sweet. if u fly me and Hal(from turboford) up we will deal with it for ya.


  14. Everything sounds good but i dont want it coming back, i dont want to kill them or go to jail of any sort lol. Last time i seen them they had guns and thats sad enough. They are all 16 -18 lil kids. Were the hell can u get a gun at 16!? thats crazy. :notnice: Even if i were to beat thier lil punk ass then when i get a new window... its gone for sure. :( Im gunna go to work then up these pics.
  15. :rlaugh: bloods in Alabama and Illinois?? MyCarNeedsHelp.... i know you dont want any drama and im not sure about you....but i could never let something like that slip by and live with myself. i hate to snitch...but if they got pistols (and you dont) report gunshots coming from their vehicle and get the guns taken away .. then i would drive by there with some friends (masked up) and spray them and their cars with ceramic BB's (search on ebay) till no end, or just beat the **** out of them.
  16. yea. holy crap that would be worth a couple nights in jail just to see their bloody faces sprawled on the ground. if it were me the cops better have alot of chalk cause somebodys gonna die. but i understand where ur comin from. i dont understand though if ur not affiliated with any gangs they must got u mixed up with somebody. cause all that damage to the wrong person. ohhh by the way how is your head?? i know that hurts.

  17. Im not in any gang nor hang with anyone. They just kept yelling folk killa. They did say they were looking for some dudes named able and oso. LoL nice names... I just kept tellin them that they arent here and they "supposivly" seen them here :shrug:
  18. thats bull. god man im sooo sorry. hope everything gets better.

  19. Be careful. Don't go out and get yourself killed by these guys. You should report the other crime and suspicious activity to your police department.
    Assualt and Battery are charges that can get them locked up for a while. They did use weapon against you.

    Oh and get yourself one of these just in case
    don't bother pointing out how crappy my hair looks
    or this one
  20. What a woman! :nice: