X2C Motorsports-before you order please read.

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  1. I have been trying to contact x2c motorsports for a couple weeks now. They still owe me 1675 dollars for a tko-600. I ordered the tranny and then canceled the order because they were on backorder and then all of a sudden i get charged for it a few weeks later.

    Being that im kinda nieve and stupid (lot has to do we me being so young) i tryed working with them and didn't really know that i should have my credit card company to deal with it. Now its too late according to the credit card company. X2C told me yeah its in the mail or at one time we had worked on a deal for product... Haven't seen a damn thing!!!

    Anybody know how to get ahold of XTC, maybe some non 800 number? Or a maybe you know AJ or even Dean's Cell number, anything. Im starting to loose it cause this isnt pocket change for me...

    I have mailed the californina attorney general and i have contacted the better business bureau and i have sent a full letter and explantion to my credit card company. Im not sure what to do next.

    I have left a thread like this on a lot of the different message boards now...
  2. If they were local to CT I would stop by and drop a few hints for ya...

    Anyone in CA want to help a buddy out???
  3. I believe your credit card company is wrong. I had a problem with a company once and it was like 5 months later. I had to write a letter and dispute the charges. They immediately took the charge off my card until the other side had a chance to respond. 3 months went by and the other compay never responded and the charge stayed off my card. I'd call them back and ask for a supervisor.
  4. thats what i like to hear... I think i will be calling them back...
  5. yeah what charlie said .
  6. try calling back at x2c and talk to armon....he should handle this situation
  7. If the charge is on your current statement, and you haven't paid the bill yet, then look on the back of one of the pages, there will be a section for disputing a charge. There is a form that you fill out and mail to the credit company.
  8. Same thing happened with the Control arms I ordered from them. After many phone calls I got the control arms in almost 3 months from the day I ordered them.
  9. it would be nice if there number worked that is on there web site.
    They owe me a set of tail lights, i sent my set back 2 months ago and havn't received my replacement set,
    I to have a dispute w/ my charge card. But i would rather have the lights than the money.

    anyone have one of these guyses cell numbers so i can get ahold of them.

  10. I guess I was the lucky one with that company :shrug:
  11. Anybody got any new news? I wish I would have seen this thread before I put in an order for my taillights last week....

    I've been trying to contact them for 2 days. No luck. So I fired off an email and if I don't hear back in 48 hours I'm initiating a fraud investigation with my CC company...
  12. Yikes. I knew X2C sold some crappy products, but it sounds like their service is even worse. Maybe we need a sticky thread for vendor experiences...
  13. Yes a sticky is in order. I will change the title of this thread to protect others.
  14. Well they are definetly not getting my money :nonono:
  15. where are they located?
  16. im here in cali and i have a friend who is a personal friend with them or atleast somewhat close, though id really not like to get envolved because im sure that friend of mine is more on their side, but i can find out possibly the truth if they went out of business, ill shoot him a PM right away,heh
  17. Guys who have been charged. You need to dispute charges with either your credit card or bank ASAP. Many of these threads are popping up all over the net. I've seen threads where they have doubled and sometimes tripled charged credit cards. I think they closed their doors and trying to swindle more money out of credit card numbers. Be smart and act now.
  18. Correct. I work at a bank and can tell you that the faster you dispute a charge, the more likely you are to get a refund. However, all banks have different policies on refunds: Some will only refund up to a certain amount after a period of time with you having to pick up the rest.
  19. Yeah guys, don't wait around for answers in this thread - take action. Think of it as survival of the fittest - you're going to let yourself get swindled for a GRAND?! No way - I'd go full tilt at these pricks with everything - fraud claims, CC company notified, bank notified, and even police notified ASAP if they did close their doors - get on it guys and nail these punks!!