X3 User Adjustable Features

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  1. Called SCT about this but I'm not sure if I understood his answer or he understood my question. Hopefully one of you can help. I'm running a 93 Octane Brenspeed tune and was checking out the user adjustable feature of the X3. I had no intention of changing anything - just wanted to see what options were available. I backed out of the screens with the cancel button. On one of the menus I thought I saw "can-save" which led me to believe I may have accidentally changed something to the tune. My question - If I did make a change and uploaded it to the PCM would it also permanently change the tune on the xcal? If I understood the guy from SCT, it wouldn't change the default tune but would add an option the next time I uploaded the tune and give me a choice of uploading the original tune or the tune with changes. Is that correct? The SCT manual is no help.
  2. I agree. The SCT manual are almost no help.

    I was asking myself the same questions you were yesterday and today. From what saw is that with the brenspeed tune you have less options in the adjustments screen. I'm guessing you can tweak a couple of things even with 93octane performance tune file.

    If i'm wrong please someone correct us. After I put in my 93octaneRace tune the car felt alot stronger as soon as I took off on a stop. I got home and I messed around with the stiffness of the shifts. It felt even better. :nice:

    hope this helps.:shrug:
  3. I got the answer from SCT. You can make any changes you want in "User Adjustable Options" and they will take effect when you upload the tune to your car. They DO NOT overwrite the custom tune - they only effect the upload. If you want to return your car to the custom tune without changes, take the default option. Email reply from SCT follows:

    "While you are programming the vehicle, it asks you if you want to "keep
    previously saved options" or "use default options." Either way, it
    doesn't overwrite the tune file that was loaded in the device, it will
    simply modify the file before it programs the vehicle. In your case, if
    you use the default options, you will indeed be using the default
    configuration that was loaded into the device for you."