YEAH!!! X-pipe just installed, couldn't be happier!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Car Nut, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. well the only "minor" modification i had to do with my mac fox body LT's was to take the stock header with the bung on it and take it to a shop to get it welded into them. cost me $10 for them to do that. they were on a car for 3 years that was very well beat on and it wasnt THAT tough to get in there. dunno if i was lucky or not

    if you get LT's, the swap out of the h/x pipe is soooo simple. no need for long extensions or anything. its all right there in front of you :D
  2. $2400.00 WOW!!!

    Not surprised. GF's father wanted to switch his mirrors(driver/passenger) on his "Jeep" to the body from the door. Jeep dealership said about 3hrs. He ended having a buddy help and it took them 20mins.
  3. Man, I guess I'll hang onto mine since it's only got 13k miles on it. Might actaully be worth something when people start restoring these cars.


  4. got any pics of this??? i dont know exactly wat your saying? :(
  5. x-pipes rock they sound so so nice, i dont know what one with cats sounds like but i love my offroad one
  6. its basically a nut welded to your passenger side header. The EGR tube connects to it and goes up into the intake. If you plan on keeping the egr, which obviously you are for emissions reasons, then you will have to get another bung or nut welded to the header for you to be able to reconnect this EGR tube. If you look at your passenger side header and find the 3/4" copper tube running from the intake to the header with header wrap on it, you'll understand.