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  1. So the 95 is still in the paint shop and I'm getting antsy, they said like another week or so. (Oh, decided on viper blue by the way) Anyways shortly after she's home I believe I'm going to go with chrome saleens' s and sum new rubber so that won't leave me with a lot of money. BUT... I'm looking for something to tinker with on the weekend. So all that being said I think I'm leaning towards a 65mm tb. Yes, I've read how they do nothing and are a supporting mod. (When would one need such support?) My reasoning for thinking throttle body is well, price. I'm looking at stuff around the $200 range and I figure or hope that it may compliment the ported lower and the cam. I already have sfc's and gears which is what I generally see is the response people get when asking about bang for the buck mods. Which I don't entirely agree with, yeah the parts don't cost an arm and a leg but no one ever considers cost of install. How many driveway mechanics are gonna attempt gears!? Well looks like I rambled again so the question is 65mm TB or no? I think I'm leaning towards that unless you have any other suggestions that would be kinda fun and not render me homeless once the wife sees the bill.


  2. Hmm. I don't know. The throttle body definately won't help you any, but it would be a supporting mod for something down the line. Let me think about it. Sounds like a nice color.

  3. thanks man, oh and they already have the bumpers painted. I think she's gonna be a beauty. I went ahead and got the mach I chin spoiler also
  4. ps: I realize that $200 is kinda a tall order in getting anything worth while but I'm bored but money is kind of tied up right now w/ paint and wheels.. I'm not in the dog house yet but I might have to ask snoopy to scoot over on the roof
  5. You might be able to find a used upper/lower intake for that amount.
    I picked my Explorer intake for $238 long ago when they weren't so available as they are now.
    That means you'd have to get the elbow adapter too though.
    If your car is still all stock engine wise then the first 3 mods to go faster are the intake manifold, cylinder heads and 2.5" X/H-pipe.
    Any and all will add horsepower and can be done by most people in their garage or driveway in a weekend.

    Other things can be done but really shouldn't unless you have a long term plan.
    Forced induction, stroker motor, nitrous, different engine (Coyote 5.0 or 351w based), etc.
    If you want to do it right and get the most bang for your buck you need to have a plan man.

    FWIW: My supercharged 95 is still using the stock throttle body and camshaft and makes 379rwhp at only 8psi of boost. Would a larger throttle body help? Maybe it would but I doubt it would be very significant.
  6. What's the stock diameter of the midpipe on the 95? Right now I'm running stock midpipe w/ pre-cats removed.
  7. The stock midpipe is 2.25". I'm honestly not sure which mods you already have.

  8. Not much, basic crap.. fresh motor, stock heads, beehive springs, comp cam 35-440-8, ford racing springs, kyb shocks. short throw.. cai, tmoss ported lower. sfc's , sct chip b/c of cam.. (crappy story) The whole engine build kinda a crap, story but the short version is $6k later and 209 rwhp... So for now heads are out of the question, already shot my wad as far as major engine work goes. If I can sell the fox I might buy a vortech and call it a day.

    SO switching gears here, what do you think about a new front sway bar??
  9. A big front sway bar does help. That's a good choice. That is not a very good engine build. Sorry that went all to :poo:.

  10. Yeah no, not a very good build at all but it is what it is now. It's quicker than when it was new but nowhere near the "magic" 300 rear horse that everyone is shooting for. So all that being said, when life gives you lemons.... You just gotta eat em rinds and all. Now that paint is in the process of being done and paid for the next "big" expense is wheels/tires and then on to interior. Maybe one day after all of that is done I can go back to the motor and play with it some more. Add heads or a power adder, if that one day comes before the motor is tired again.. Sure is a shame that bolt-ons suck.
  11. Sounds like you're looking for an excuse to spend money you don't really have?

    Why don't you sit on it until you can actually afford something worth while, instead of throwing it away on supporting mods you may never need in the first place? :shrug:

    To be frank, all a throttle body is going to do for you at this point is lighten your wallet. Feeding a ported stock lower quite frankly doesn't mean :poo: in the grand scheme of things.

    You may not want to hear it, but others are correct when they tell you that you should be saving that money for heads, instead of throwing it out the window on useless mods.

    Harsh....maybe, but reality often is. :)
  12. Harsh....maybe, but reality often is. :)[/quote] This guy......

    I agree and well disagree.. Yeah save this and that the American way.. Or is it? Maybe if I was single no kids this and that one could save but when you make the same every month and have the same going out every month not much saving going on. So on another note, who would benefit from a 65mm tb? Just a marketing scheme I suppose if it doesn't do anything for a stockish motor and the stock 60mm can support over 300 hp or whatever it is then why sell one at all? I guess for suckers like me that buy things they can't afford. oh and ps:

    Heads, nah when you're poor like me I say fk heads. I supercharger would be more bang for buck. Heads run like what $1500 and its not something I could install. And with the same intake and cam I'd get what all of 50 hp? Now a topend kit would be a different story but once again that'd be $3k range and once again not something I could install. Spend the same $3k on a supercharger which would be something I could do but I'd end up with more than 50 hp would I? And not have to pay someone another $1000 to put it on. What do you do for a living gearbanger?
  13. One more thing "gear banger." I think you missed the whole point of the first post of this thread. What are we all on these forums for? To learn and chat about this HOBBY we all share; cars, and in our case the Mustang. So here you go throwing showing your sociopathic behavior, ("you suck, we're right, you don't listen and I'm right") Harsh truth;). Well while doing so you missed the point. I wasn't trying to have someone talk me into buying a throttle body no, I was trying to see what would be something worth buying so I could have something to tinker with on the weeknds to keep the HOBBY alive. I realize that a t.b. isn't a miracle and wouldn't add 53 horse power like electric superchargers or the "tornado" (sarcasm just incase you missed it) But I thought it might get me a little something and more so give me something to work on. Now, what I asked was would a throttle body be worth while or can anyone suggest anything else that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for some weekend fun? I'm not looking for a miracle just something to keep the hobby alive while I save for my heads like you suggested. Hmm save money, if I would have only thought of that sooner.......
  14. What you're going to get out of a throttle body will amount to a hand full of horsepower that you'll only see on the dyno. You'll notice is all those magazine articles, that you see writing them up, that they're performing multiple mods at a time...MAF, Throttle body, intake, etc. This is where the horsepower is going to be felt....and even then, it will be minimal. Remember....these magazines make money by selling these parts. In the end though, all the basic bolt on's in the worlds won't equal the horsepower and torque gains of a decent set of heads and intake....and trust me when I say you'll spend just as much, if not more in the end, to gain half as much!

    Big throttle bodies, MAF meters, exhaust components etc are great, if you've got the heads/cam/intake to back them up. So many people make the same mistake (myself included when I was just starting out in the Mustang game) and go for the cheap stuff first. It's like flushing money down the toilet IMO. I did the whole "small bolt ons" route, the home made parts, the ported heads/intake, etc, etc....and in the end, I ended up with a lot of work, with very little pay off. My only saving grace was that I was in an area populated with like minded thick headed individuals like myself, who wouldn't listen to reason either....so nobody really had a fast car at the time. The ones that did, were the ones who took their time, kept their mouths shut and quietly let their cars reputation speak for itself. If you want your Mustang to perform, go with parts that are going to make a difference. That way, when you do start playing with the little stuff like throttle bodies, etc later on, the gains will be far more pronounced and far more worth the money being spent.

    If I were you, on your budget I'd start hitting the swap meets and used parts market. Nobody says you have to go out and buy brand new stuff. Hell, your car is probably older than 95% of the used parts floating around out there for it. I bought a set of fresh out of the machine shop aluminum heads, cam and aftermarket intake for my car for a about $1,300. And that included gaskets and hardware. The trick to doing it on a budget, is to do it in stages and stockpile the parts until you're ready to put them on. I started collecting my parts a year and a half ago and they won't be going on the car for another month. In that time, I've been able to scrounge most of my stuff from the used market and have accumulated parts from intake manifold, to H-pipe and everything in between. The only new parts in my engine are the components of the stroker rotating assembly and even then I waited for a sale until I bought them.

    The other possibility is maybe you just need to swallow your pride and have to admit you can't afford this kind of hobby? Hot rodding isn't cheap. If you can't afford to fix it, you can't afford to drive it IMO. There's no shame in it, but spending money you don't have and the little you do have for the sake of spending it is a good way to get yourself in over your head and a half finished car.

    I work a couple of jobs and the last couple of years have been tight for me as well, but it's all a matter of budgeting. You're young, I can tell. My advice to you is to not to be so eager to empty your pocket every time you get a couple of bucks in it. Show some restraint, make smarter purchases and let the funds built up to the point you're able to afford the parts you really want, instead of the parts you think you' need to have.

    Again, if you want to build a fast car, be prepared to pay for it and make smart decisions with your money, not rash ones....or, ignore the advice. buy the throttle bodies, the cold air intakes, the specialty spark plug wires and all of the $100-$200 parts you can think of to your hearts content and contend with owning a 14-second car....because that's what you'll end up with in the end if this is continues to be your minds set. The choice is really yours. :shrug:

    They key word in this sentence is the word "learn". You right now, have the benefit of learning, from others mistakes. Whether you choose to do so and not make them yourself is up to you. It's your money, and your car, so spend it the way you wish.

    ...but don't get bent out of shape when you post on an open web forum asking for advice and you get some that you don't want to hear. I can tell by your tone that you're taking this personally and it's not meant to be. I'm being realistic. I've been in the small block EFI game for over 20-years. I've made the mistakes you're about to now and learned from them. You can either take the advice of someone who's been there and done it, or ignore it....it's your choice. :)

    Yes, go buy a motorcycle. They're lots of fun. :D
  15. For $2oo bones a set of good lower control arms are good bang for the buck.
    Helps plant the rear tires. And that is always a good thing.

    Or, 10-way adjustable Strange struts and shocks is another good bang for the buck item that will work with later improvements.
    Going to the track with the ability to adjust how hard your car can launch makes for better 60' times.

    Or, find a used aluminum drive-shaft. Lightens the cars rotational mass a bit. (Haven't done this one myself yet)
  16. I'm with JJ95GTID, maybe some suspension mods., to go with the SFC's. That way you will be able to enjoy that newly painted Mustang!

    I can see where you are coming from with the TB mod., but from personal expierence you really should take a long look at what you want from the car long term. A well structured plan is a much better approach than throwing parts at the car and hoping it all works out.
  17. You don't even need to spend $3k on a Supercharger. Just keep your eye on the forum classifieds. A vortech kit for an SN pops up about once a month on Corral; $1500 or less usually.

  18. I put about every bolt on possible on my '95, and it really does not do anything for power. It does give you something to do when you are bored, and that is never a bad thing. Me personally, I would do exhaust so you can enjoy the sound of your fresh engine, in your fresh painted car with nice new wheels. Spring for a 2.5 inch midpipe!