You know you are a car guy when....

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  1. You have this in your room. lol


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  2. Haha I just noticed some of the other stuff thats in the picture. lol
  3. I have the same salsa bowl. No hand gun with shotgun shells though. :D

    BTW - where's the other tire? :lol: GT and Cobra owners buy their tires in pairs. :nice:
  4. I didnt want to be broke for a week so I just ordered one. :)

    And I would have spent the money if I would have waited. :rlaugh:

    And theres like $10 in quarters in that salsa bowl. lol

    A pistol, shot gun shells, a flask, and some WD-40. All you need. lol
  5. That's what Justin (SM1) said. :lol: (CT joke).

    The funny thing is that I imagine Guero's room has the same stuff lying around. :)
  6. Eric, sorry to let the cat out of the bag but I had to show them the real pic before you photoshopped it.



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  7. You son of a ****.

    How the hell did you get to my photobucket.


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  8. BBM 2 disc set ,ATF,And adhesive remover :eek: You are a sick man.

    We don't wanna know.:nono:

    j/k.Someone had to be the first person I gave crap to here.
  9. That's the biggest rubber I've seen.
  10. Say No nod yes Eric. :D

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  11. The ones I currently have on are like 1/4 in wider. They are some crappy tires though.
  12. magnums...hell yea dawg!
  13. Ok, MY TURN! When you get in a heated debate over Manual Valve Bodys?!!!! :eek: :rlaugh: :doh:
  14. I'm not even gonna get started on this one...:nonono: Just too easy.....
  15. My room looks like that too...And I'm single and living at home so I can support the hobby on my main 2 cars :bang:
  16. My room often looks like that by the end of the winter :D

    BTW: How much HP does the AXE Spray give you :D