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  1. Burning out on street tires is doing nothing for your launch. Its only going to cause you to have to buy new tires sooner. I still got better 60' times on my 555R's with just a quick, dry burn.

    Another angle on the heel-toe burnout. I wear a size 10.5 to 11 shoe which I thought was pretty average, and I've always been able to apply brake with the left side of my right foot and gas with the right side of my right foot...I seemed to have much more control over the amount of pressure applied to the brakes.

    Oh, and don't make excuses for your times when you're making 15 second passes. When you run a 12.00.xx then make excuses for not hitting the 11's...or an 11.00.xx instead of 10's. Until then, just do the best with what ya got. :nice:

    Sorry to give you such a hard time, Maverick, but you're killing me with the '06 Ninja 250 in your sig and your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lingo. :D

    Stay safe,
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    It's All Good.