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  1. Hey guys, i was just wondering... i was reading some sites about the 05-06 GT, great looking car by the way.. they were saying like mid to high 13's it runs? What was your time when you ran your car FACTORY STOCK on a 1/4 track. Also tell me if it was a manual or automatic. THAAANKKS!! :D

    (how fast 0-60 if you would like to add to :) )
  2. Ok I'll start. I think I posted this information already in a differernt forum, but..Wifes 06 GT most of the bells and whistles, woofer, side air bags ect. Automatic transmission, two runs on a very green and cold track (2/12/06).
    [email protected] and a [email protected] FWIW I was very impressed compared to my 87GT speed density 5 speed that was much lighter ran a 14.8 completly stock.
  3. 13.65 @ 101mph with 180 miles on a 3 day old car.
    I subsequently ran a 13.55 4 months later but I had Steeda Sway Bars and a Steeda 3rd link in the car.
  4. ^ VERY NICE.. really impressed. anybody else?
  5. 13.42 @ 101.80 mph but with just an ASP underdrive pulley. 2.011 60'.
  6. with just a pulley???? lol that's insane how much you pay for it?
  7. a good friend went 13.9 @ 99 STONE stock
  8. The crank only pulley is $124.95

    They don't normally sell just the crank but I want to slow everything only 25%. I did get a short belt. If you buy the kit you retain the factory belt.
  9. ^ thanks bro.. i'll add this site to my favorites :D

    come on guys i know there are more of you that have 05 gt runs
  10. i went to the strip this past weekend for the first time in my 06 GT with the mods in my sig and the best i could squeek out was the following:


    I did get insane wheel hop though... thought i broke something in the rear at first... at the end of the run i couldnt turn my TCS off and the ABS and curved road ahead lights stayed on but after the second run they went away.. did notice i gaine .01-.02 with the TCS on... :shrug:
  11. steedastang, I see no pic could you post your time?
  12. hmm thats wierd... here is a pic..

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  13. My Auto went 13.93 at 99 mph. Dont know how i did it cause it has only gone 14.0's since?? Lots of wheel hop on take off with these cars though.
  14. Get a set of these. That should eliminate that wheel hop. I just received mine but haven't installed them yet. They look like quality pieces with good strong welds. Energy Suspension poly bushings.
  15. I ran [email protected], last weekend. The temp was 45*and humidity was 45%. I was hoping to get 13.5, as I heard these get stock, but it wasnt in the cards. It was way to cold for O.E. tires.
  16. Average time for mine stock was 13.7 at around 101 mph. Could go faster but the track is really bad here. Best on CAI/Tune is 13.4 at almost 103 mph.(93 octane) These cars are amazing!!!
  17. What now im pissed. My best was a 14.9 @94.6mph. I raced another stock stang that went 14.6. I had him until i shift into third and realized the traction control was on and watched him drive around me. So i was on track for a 14.5, maybe. The track is at 2,710 ft altitude. What the heck is wrong. I am launching at around 3000 rpm or so. any advice.

    First time out with roush stage 2, 1,000 miles on odometer.
  18. Went to the track yesterday for the first time and got the following with mods in sig (I'm in the left lane). I know it could run faster than this though.


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  19. Anybody know where I can get underdrive pulleys for my car? I looked on asp's website but couldnt find anything.....only for the v6 and when you click on that nothing happens.....thanks!
  20. Try Steeda or Rousch. They have some for a little over 200.00.