Your cars other than your Mustang

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  1. Just wondering what other cars everyone owns other than the mustang. Post pics :D Here's mine. 1975 Corvette Stingray L-42(base engine, 165 hp :( ) It has 20,053 miles on it. It was my dad's and he didn't keep it stock. It has hooker headers, side exhaust, different manifold, different air filter, hurst shifter, racing clutch and some othe stuff. Right now it seems that we're going to put an LS-1 in her. :banana:

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    From this:
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    To this:
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    More pics at:
  2. thats what you were hiding from me! It looks good man, put in an LS-2 :nice: or a crate engine from Summit racing.

    The New one (before the saleens) & The Old one



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  3. Ox, your sixer was pretty cool. Would have made an awesome corner carver.
  4. So are you going to keep the saleens on the Mach? And where are the pics of her? :shrug: Might go with an LS-2. Depends. Might go with a crate engine too, but they're too much :eek: All I know is that I'm pretty sure the stock engine is gonna go and that it's going to have a minimum of 350hp. :banana:
  5. It was pretty cool, but he had to get a Mackwhatamacallit or something like that. :nonono: :rolleyes:
  6. yeah i loved that thing. It did some damage to the corners from time to time, had a reall good suspension on it,

    FRPP C-springs
    KYB Gas shocks/struts
    Kenny Brown subframes
    Kenny Brown rear shock tower brace
    Addco front & rear sway bars
    BBK off-set rack bushings

    :rolleyes: teh win! i'll take some new pics of it and the gf when i get a camera. I broke my old one into a million pieces and I still havent gotten around to get a new one yet. :shrug:
  7. No strut tower brace? :shrug:
  8. No, I did have a Steeda but I sold it to a friend. I liked it though, made it really easy to aim that thing
  9. :drool: :drool:

    Was the Mach too much power for the camera, since it was used to the V6 that is broke ;)
  10. no, I brought it to the beach one day to take some pics for my photography class and general messing around when I droped it and it broke :(
  11. Don't have any pictures, but I have acess to my dad's 2005 Chrysler Pacifica (3.8L V6 making 210 HP)

    Mom's car is drivable but the windows (and top if it's warm) must be down to hide the butterfly window stickers, put the beanie baby's in the glovebox. The only thing I can't hide is the Jesus fish on the back. It's a 2001 Chrysler Sebring LX (2.7L DOHC 24Valve V6 MAGNUM making 200 HP)
  12. 1979 L82 Corvette - dad's
    a model of a 1956 Corvette =P.
    cars in the driveway that aint mine are an 03 cavi (sister), 04 silverado (dads), 02 tahoe (moms)
  13. One of the things on my list is to get a Stingray in need of a full resto and drop a worked 351 Cleveland in it.

    Just to watch the Bowtie guys have a meltdown at the car shows! :D
  14. Any pics of the 79?

  15. *wonders into sister's room because it was MINE until she decided to move back =P* lol. Nah I'll find my charger and use mine one minute. It's under alot of crap and tools so.

    oh snap! (my camera is a D-snap lol) found my charger finally, charging the camera now and I take a pic of the corvette, then tomorrow some of the stangs.
  16. i have a 94 bonneville SSEi with a flowmaster 80 series making around 250 hp with the mods (smaller blower pulley and a chip)
  17. Ok, I go out in the garage, and I tried to find the Plywood, boxes, tools and crap everywhere. I thought my dad said he cleaned the garage...=\. I got my own tools so I don't go in there much. But this will have to suffice:

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  18. ^Yellow '69 Boss :drool: :drool: My only problem with it is that it looks alittle small... :rlaugh:

    Hey, I had the same problem. The vette just sat there. So I said I'm gonna do something about it and after graduation, I started to clean the garage. My corvette also had boxes, plywood, tools, and even part of a christmas tree(and it wasn't ours) on it. I guess C3's = storage units :(
  19. /\ :eek: You have/had alot.