Your Engine Compartment!!!

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  1. :D Ok, hoping to see how many different types of engine compartment setup's people have come up with. To keep it stock, clear up space, make it perty!! After your pic's, list a quick description of car and engine setup.

    Drop a pic of your engine setup and let's see what's out there.



    1967 Mustang Coupe Restomod
    351W, 400 HP, Serpentine Setup, Ron Davis Radiator, relocated battery

    :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:

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  2. Im guessing it shouldnt look like this... 65 Comet wagon, 302, world products 185 heads, 278 cam, blah blah blah

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  3. Note to self, cleaning the engine bay with fire extinguisher isn't very effective...

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  4. [​IMG]

    289 modified with Edelbrock RPM power package including aluminum heads, intake, hydraulic roller cam, new pushrods, new lifters, roller rockers, 750 CFM carburetor with electric choke. March Performance billet pulley under drive system, cool flex radiator hoses upper and lower. Accel coil high performance coil & points eliminator kit. New fuel pump, Russell fuel line, generator replaced with 80 amp alternator.
    C4 automatic rebuilt by JPT transmissions 2000 stall converter all thrush washers replaced with needle bearings
    8 inch rear end 3.80 limited slip differential
    Lokar auto shifter with leather boot
    total cotrol products power rack, coil over conversion and SSBC power disc brakes
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  6. Just your basic 393 (in Hipo 289 disguise.)


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  7. thermostat housing

    if you look in the first picture posted, the location of the thermostat housing neck is straight up into my monte carlo bar.....anybody have suggestions, with the serpentine setup and monte carlo bar in mind ( I can always just loose the monte carlo bar but I don't want to! hehe), as to what I can do to clear this? I really want to use the cool flex hose but don't think it will clear with the current setup. Thanks.

  8. Use a different t-stat housing
  9. Move the bar forward or get a adjustable housing on a 45 degree. The Adjustables rotate and use a O-Ring to seal.
  10. I can't move the bar due to the closeness of the A/C compressor. I would like to get a different housing but don't know of any that would fit. I even think the forty five straight forward T-stat will hit the bar for the alternator on the serpentine setup. I have been looking, not hard, but haven't seen any yet. Know of any multipositional ones?
  11. CSR Performance makes one. I think they make a 45* one. I know for a fact they make a 90* one.
  12. As stock a 5.0 as I could put in this 65.....


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  13. Where did you get the bars that mount from the shock tower to your firewall, and fender well to fender well? Awesome looking engine setup too!

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  14. Mods in sig (fastback)

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  15. wow, there is so much room!

  16. no such thing!

  17. That's one of the nice things about a MII conversion. I also hid the wires in the fenders so that cleans it up some too.


    Easy plug access.

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  18. I think the supercharger looked better