Your opinion on 4cyl to 408 carb or 408 efi

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  1. Bought an 89 hatch and turning it into a street/raod care car. It will be a 408 5 speed but was thinking of going CARB. But now talking to my buddy he said it would be "easier" to go EFI. Converting to carb might be a bit cheaper but what I would like to know is would it be easier on me to go EFI? What would I have to change on the wiring aspect from the 4 cyl. to 408 EFI?

    Wiring harness coming from the computer and into the engine compartent? I already have a 9al I could use. Any other wiring issues I need to be aware of? Anything from the wiring harness coming out next to the brake booster need to be changed? How about the wiring going to the solenoid or wires plugging into the wiring harness for the headlights?


    Ben Semper Fi. :flag:
  2. If you have the computer then I believe all you will need is the harness that plugs into the computer, the fuel injector harness, and the o2 sensor harness. There may be something else that I don't remember also.
  3. I don't see how going EFI would be easier... carb would definitely be easier and cheaper. Going carb your basically going to just rip the EFI harness out and call it a day. If you go EFI it would be just like doing a normal 4cyl to 5.0 swap. Now if you want to debate which is better, that's an age old argument.. just search it on the forum.
  4. You dont see how it would be easier to stay EFI?????? You serious? It would be way easier get a harness from a V8 plug in play! The proper way to convert from EFI to carb you need to hack into the harness i've heard,I searched on here for the thread on what wires to keep and what ones need to be removed from the harness but caint find it.Price wise i would say it would be about $200-$300 more to go to EFI over carb,or if anything it could be less or equal. Whats a good carb and intake? $800? I know ben will use top notch stuff no crap on this build just like the notch!
  5. I've never actually done a carb conversion, but I thought it was fairly simple.. I guess I was wrong :shrug:
  6. Not saying your wrong. But easier i think it would be to stay EFI since the car is already EFI even tho it's a 4 banger. peace

  7. Uh...$800 for a carb intake? Is it made from adamantium or unobtainium?
  8. It's for sure easier to run EFI. I see cars fairly often that are carb'ed to save money and make things easier, and it rarely happens that way. Most backyard mechanics screw the carb up worse than anything.

    A fuel injected 408 is nothing more than a big 302 with some different brackets, a wider lower intake and different headers.

    Why mess with a carb when the a9l will tune the car for you if you put it together right.
  9. that was ment as a question not a fact.What will a carb big enough to run a 408 cost as well as the best intake?peace

  10. I feel the same way,my A9L runs my 351 fine! peace

  11. I did my first carb swap a few years back, I was a novice for the record, and it took a short time to get that carb set up to where I wanted it. It ran well, got 6 miles/gal, but it was pretty easy considering I have never done it before. Now with what I know, efi is my choice hands down! Unless I was building a bracket car or something