Your opinion on this combo

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  1. is my list let me know if I should do anything different:
    Here are the irems I already have:
    Trick flow track heat intake-upper and lower
    70mm Holley
    70mm Spacer
    Granatelli Mass air
    24lb injectors
    Long tubes
    Spec stage 3 clutch
    strange adj. Shocks
    Granatelli upper and lower control arms
    strange adj. struts
    NX wet kit
    3:55 gear
    Stock bottom end 5.0 w/ NX wet kit 150 shot

    Some of the above items are on the car some still in boxes
    Here is what im considering let me know of any info you might have or if you have anything similar
    AFR 165cc Competition Port #1604
    Anferson ford motorsport N-41 Cam
    Scorpian roller rockers
    3:73 Gear
    Nitrous progressive controller
    Moroso drag springs

    Let me know if anyone has any suggestions or experience w/ something close to what I'm planning. AFR says my combo will work together and to expect 350-370 horsepower. Thanks Guys
  2. Anyone?

    Anyone any ideas?
  3. there's a kid with a coupe here in my town with an ots crane cam, afr165's, and i think an edelbrock intake and he put down like 340rwhp and like 350rwtq. don't remember the exact numbers, but they were pretty impressive for the combo