Your Small Pet Peeves

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  1. I always hated that one on mine....stuck out 3" beyond the bumper..thought i was the only one who noticed that... :nice:


    One night I was bored and hacked 4" off em....just run some tape to get a line then put the hacksaw to em... :D

  2. 1.) My pass side power window motor is dead.
    2.) When people close my doors with the window and then there is fingerprints on the glass.
    3.) The check engine light being on because the EGR is "stuck closed" (codes...) Need to yank smog crap off.
    4.) Stock wheels
    5.) Soooo slow......
    6.) Not good in rain or snow
    7.) Gas prices!! lol
  3. No, different story, I got some bigger tips...they REALLY stick out way too far...(ask Wytstang, he remembers)...I'm going with an SLP Loudmouth Catback, so that comes with 3 1/3" tips anyway, so I'll be happy then.

    Let's see if i have a pic of these horribly ugly was a quick job, and from the back, it looks fine, but any other angle is just brutal..

    This first picture is a VERY bad one...really showing off how horrible it is:

    This one is a shot from the rear, not so bad this way

    And one more, from off a little, doesn't look that bad...but, look at that first picture...arghh!
  4. 1. squeaks and rattles

    2. 4X4 stance

    3. Interior peices not lining up. My center console is no longer lining up perfectly with the shifter/stereo area of the dash.
  5. In my opinion, it's not that they stick out to far, It's more of a proportional issue. They are just too big for the car period. Of course I'm one of the weird people that likes the stock pipes. :shrug:
  6. You know... I'm wondering if this might be my problem! When I first crank my car up after it's been sitting for a while [IE: overnight] it makes this Cheep... cheep...cheep sound for abou the first mile or two down the road. Pushing on the brakes doesn't change it, nor does pushing in the clutch.
  7. OMG i'm the same way...i HATE THAT...especially my girlfriend when she does it, and when people get their oily fingerprints about my door handle :bang: :bang: :bang:

    also...i agree with you 94GT40...i like stock tail-pipes too... :shrug: :shrug:
  8. The creaking noise when going over uneven surfaces slowly....need SFC soon.
    Paint chips, fading, one ding on the ps rear 1/4 panel.
    Faded headlights and foglights.
    Got somekind of anti-glare film that was factory installed on the rear window.
    Tint on the door glass has wear marks from the electric motor.
    Weather strip between the door glass and the side rear glass is deteriorating.

    But, this is all expected out of a 10+ year old vehicle with 90k+ miles.
  9. 1) The fact that the front wheels have a bigger fender gap than the rears and the 4x4 stance
    2) The rear track is too narrow without adding spacers (someday I'll get a pair of 1.5"...)
    3) My front calipers squeak constantly in the caliper brackets because the anti-rattle clips are shot (can't buy new ones, apparently some magical brake pad company which I can't find makes a set of pads that comes with them... :shrug: ), the calipers also rattle like hell over bumps because of this same problem
    4) The wrinkles in my driver's side leather seat from age
    how the trunk area, taillights hold water that will still leave water spots on my rear bumper for a day or so no matter how well I dry the area
    5) The disgusting dirty power steering pump yellow plastic which I have tried everything to get clean
    6) the slamming hood thing that has been mentioned
    7) my 10-15% (at best) tread tires :D
    8) my "MUSTANG" rear bumper
    9) various chips in the paint
    the barely noticeable (yet I notice it everytime I look at the car) dent in my roof from somebody's fist obviously

    That's about it...oh and add that it isn't supercharged yet
  10. then people think its a Fobra :rlaugh:

    BTW-whats with all the new smileys?? :OT:
  11. exactly....
  12. Ive got a few

    -Small dents in my passenger side quarter panel, u can only see them when the light hits them just so.
    -my drivers side front wheel sticks out a little while my passenger fits perfectly
    -my header to x pipe flange never seals right
    -my leaky rear main seal

    Just to name a few, but i love my car.
  13. :bang: :bang: :bang:
  14. i think you mean douse :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D
  15. what...i douche my tensioner twice a week :shrug:
  16. matthiasj the fenderwell spray' em with armorall- it doesn't last but looks real nice for a night or two!
    #1 pet peeve my car is originally from colorado so the front end looks like it has been hit by a sand blaster ugh!
    #2 the driver side door header piece is cracked
    #3 the front bumper under the fogs is beat up(prior owner must have been doing some dukes of hazzard jumping LOL!)
    #4 The tail pipes-I cant ever get them to be positioned correctly
  17. LMAO that was hillarious. :rlaugh: cause I can picture some guy doing that.
  18. I hate that stupid piece of plywood or whatever in the trunk that goes over the spare tire well, it never stays put. Neither does the carpet back there for that matter. Good point, I hate my "MUSTANG" rear bumper also. Its a true Cobra, but like someone unfamiliar with them would know, they think its "fobra". Why did they come stock like that? :shrug:
  19. I dont like a small scratch in my tint the fact that my tint cant be as black as my car (legally) I got my car repainted about two years ago to get rid of the minor scratches and dings and now they are coming back. No power anything but mirrors just part of having a GTS. My car isnt slow and that is its intent so I really love my car. These small things only bother me when washing or standing and admiring never when DRIVING.