Youtube Video Ticking Help!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by AnthonyR23, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Hi.. I have a video cam and capture card so I can go get some more vid.. if anyone wants to see more... or has any thoughts... I had this same ticking noise before doing my exhaust.. I bought bbk equal length headers ... and just put a pacesetter offroad x pipe on. Next step is catback... I have crappy stock exhaust with cherry bomb mufflers.... (I know) ... I am debating on either magnaflow, borla, or bassani catback.. but don't have the money right now .. and am more concerned about the ticking for now... it is kinda hard to hear the ticking over the exhaust in the video.. sounds like the camera picked up more of the exhaust.. it isn't that loud... but the video makes it seem louder... So the ticking is coming from the passenger side ... I went under the car with it jacked up and I can feel a bit off air coming out of the transmission where it has that flat plate towards the front of the engine.. and I am almost positive there aren't any exhaust leaks.. I can't feel any air pulsing out. from around any of the flanges or gaskets... but I do feel hot air... almost feels like exhaust on the passenger side... maybe just heat??... could it be something else... Anyways if you try to listen past the loud exhaust in the vid you will hear the ticking... any thoughts.. could it have to do with the tranny or flywheel or something... ???? This has been such a long ongoing problem... just wish I could figure it out.. It has been 2 years..... I just uploaded the video to youtube.. it says processing but I'll get the link on asap.
  2. Here's another video ... I think you can hear the ticking noise better in this vid.... any thoughts of what this could be other than an exhaust leak... which I guess it still could be... I used silicon and everything on the flange and both the headers and x pipe are brand new.. the gasket I used for the headers is a fel pro gasket... everything is really tight... I guess it could still be coming from the flange... what a pain... anyways here's another vid!! Any comments welcome!!!
  3. sounds like an exhaust leak to me.

    you need to find exactly where it's coming from, and that will help you. Jack it up, jack stand it, fire it up, and crawl under the car. watch out for getting burned.
  4. Ok... so seems to be leaking near the back of the engine where the header is bolted on... on the passenger side... so I am trying to really tighten up those bolts.. noticed they are a bit too loose... hopefully the gasket is ok.... just put them back on a few days ago with a new gasket... the back bolts are just a p.i.t.a. But I'm getting them.. I will cross my fingers!!
  5. Good thing. What I heard in that video was DEF not a metal to metal sound.

    I'd suggest several things from here, especially now that you've located the leak.

    1. I do believe there is a tightening pattern to the exhaust bolts. Look it up and follow that.

    2. They make different style header gaskets....I believe they even have re useable ones now. you've been driving on a gasket that's been torqued and is leaking, I wouldn't count on re using it.. In fact, since you've had so many issues, I'd pull the header off, replace the gasket, and do the following.

    3. Get or borrow a tool with a certified flat surface. Place the flange of the header on this flat surface, and with a feeler gauge, make sure your header is not warped (it is possible) also check for any burrs or raised surface.

    4. Finally, a "MUST" for you, is to invest in stage 8 locking header bolts. They're relatively cheap, and they lock down, so once you've tightened them, that's that and they won't loosen up, ever again.

    Best of luck!!!!
  6. Check the crossover tube where it attaches to the back of the heads, if you still have one.
  7. My dad said the same thing about that crossover tube... where I kinda feel air is at the back near the header but it could either be coming from that tube for I think egr or the header... but I kinda hope and doubt it is the header because I just put a new gasket in there and I cleaned the surface really well.. got all of the old gasket off... I did try tightening that tube up but it is already pretty tight... it is hard to get my hand up around the flange to see if it is leaking there cause I tend to burn myself every time... around the driver side flange isn't as bad, but the passenger side is a lot tighter. I may get a stick and tape a piece of paper on the end and hold it around the flange and see if the paper kinda blows in different areas.. That may help.. it was getting late last night so I gave up... was getting frustrated. I generally like the way it sounds but that ticking drives me nuts!!