Yup..another Noob

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  1. New to Stangnet, wanted to introduce myself. Car and mods in sig.
  2. Let me be the first to say.....WELCOME TO STANGNET!!!!

    Pics of the car? And may want to work on that sig...nothing showing up :shrug:
  3. Welcomes you with open arms.:D
  4. I noticed that. Thanks. How do I size them down?
  5. Welcome :SNSign:

    Size what down? Start with some short text and add on till you hit your text limit.

    html code has text that is part of the limit. Store your images compressed if you can.
  6. welcome to hell, but I mean that in a decent way :p
  7. www.photbucket.com if your talking about pics of your car. Upload them there and they will automatically place them @ 800X600. Then put around the url when you post and the pics should be visable to us.
  8. welcome to teh stangnet :D
  9. Still fugging with the picture thing...I'll post up later when my computer's done tarding out. Thanks for the welcome y'all.
  10. Welcome to the Asylum.
    It's great to have you.Post some pics of your car
    I am eager to see it.
  11. www.imageshack.us

    Upload pictures, choose which size you want to resize them to, click "host it".

    Here, I photoshopped a screenshot:


    Then, what I do is go to the bottom option "direct link to image", highlight it, CTRL C (copy) then in your reply box on the forum, click the insert image icon and hit CTRL V (paste) and there ya go.


    Maybe someone should sticky this post for those wondering how to post pictures ... :shrug:

    And welcome to the mad house!!!!!!

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  12. Welcome sir Nitro Fish :nice:

    I have a red, white and blue nitro fish on my back window :hail2:
  13. Well I'll try this. Seems like alot of work for a stock looking Mustang :rlaugh:

    Thanks DTNODYA and the rest of you for the image hosting help.
    My plans are to keep the outside pretty stock looking except for a 00R Hood, Deep dish Bullits, and of course an altitude adjustment. That way it looks stock to the casual observer. I plan to do a minor weight reduction this spring and also take care of my suspension situation. I'll post pics of everything I can. Later on y'all
  14. looks awesome spoilerless man! :nice:
  15. Thanks. Still gotta fill those holes though. I got plastic interior rivets in there right now. Hey at least I matched up the paint on the rivets LOL