yup another stang noob from pac nw

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  1. Hi, I'm Tom from Tacoma. (not to be confused with John Candy's character Tom Tuttle from Tacoma)... about 7 months ago I was looking for a car for my daughter to drive and saw a clean little '83 Mustang GLX convertible for sale on the side of the road for a price I couldn't beat. I told her about it and we were supposed to go look at it the next day but she decided at the last minute to go to a baby shower instead so I thought "what the hell, I need a work car anyway" and went and test drove it. Two weeks later I was driving it home for myself; I like everything about the car except the color (beige,bleah what the hell was Mr. Ford thinking?)
    I had to put about $200 into fixing the taillights and another $42 for a new roof switch so that I can actually make the top go down and back up again. The front brakes need replacing and I had a stretch of awful car carma where in a span of about 5 days my ignition locked up, my muffler broke and I busted my windshield trying to squeeze a tv into the front seat. So now I need a new steering column and by the time it's all said and done I'll be into it for about $2100 but I'm pretty happy with it considering the top is pretty new and it's only got about 80k original miles on it. Wish it were a 5L but the V-6 is good enough for the time being at least. Not real fond of the wire-wheel hubcaps and whitewalls out but that's something I can work on as well. I'll try and get some pics up eventually to help track my progress... I'm thinking red? maybe it's manopause, lol...
  2. Congrats on the find! Is this your first Mustang?
  3. make that two i live in portland just bought my 92 lx 5 month's ago its my first car and i love it so much
  4. Oh thats pretty cool. Well enjoy the car. Whats your plans for it?
  5. Yeah, first one although my bro used to own a few over the years and my Dad had a '65 Pony for awhile when I was a kid. I must admit I was more into GM's for most of my life but I always told myself if I could ever afford a decent ragtop I'd go for it... (My Dad also had a mid/late 60's Galaxie 500 conv. and a '68 Buick think it was a Wildcat conv. (not too sure on model on that, was real little.))
    Thinking eventually lowering maybe a little and going with larger rims for starters; someday maybe convert to 5L as I'm sure I'll have to upgrade axels and rotors anyway to get decent wheels, but that's further down the road. Probably drive on the V-6 till it gets tired then decide.Settle for a decent paint job, something a little less beige... lol ... anyway I really like mine too; can't wait to get it all fixed.