z28's and ss's

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  1. Actually, it's probably the rest of us that should be getting out more. Knowing the lingo like that just proves what kind of geeks we are. :D
  2. So do our terminators haha 03/04 cobras handle them or what?!?!? I got a basically stock auto GT but have of course been dying to find a 03/04 with low miles for under 25 then ill be all over it
  3. 03-04 cobras have 36X RWHP STOCK. LS1s make 300-320RWHP stock. Cobras will drive away from teh LS1s.

    Throw JUST a $350 handheld tuner onto the terminator and BAM 400+RWHP...add a pully too and you will make around 420RWHP. Those things are crazy...stock they are FAST.
    One I drove, I had a 240# passenger...rolling 20MPH in 2nd. Just pushed it to the floor and it freegin blew the rear tires off lol...very fast stock.
  4. +1

    And with simple **** like a CAI, catback, etc. they make silly power. They are plugged up from the factory, I could feel the difference in my friends CAI/SLP C/B'd '03 Terminator, no joke.
  5. Yip, dispite being pretty heavy compared to the LS1 Camaro, they still will be faster stock vs stock and it's pretty easy to up the boost for even more hp.
  6. ****in right!!! I love how helty was cheering me to the win!
  7. Does anyone on this board have a mullet?
    If so, post pics lets see!
  8. Your GT with HCI will be a good run for a lightly modded LS1, a full bolt-on one would still beat you, and once they go into the motor it's all over.
  9. I think the 99-04 mustang gt's that are lightly modded like mine actually have or stand a good chance. Let me tell you from my own experience, i have beaten ls1's from a dead stop. Now this may be due to the fact that i can drive pretty good and now the full potential of my car. The only time i lost to an ss is when we went at it on the freeway, and of course he just pulled!! My friend has a Mach 1 and he only gets my by like a car or so, and he whoops ls1's all day!!
  10. The guy I beat was driving an auto. With a really good driver, a manual LS1 can get into the low 13's, correct? Would it then stand to reason that an average driver would be in the mid 13's? How, then, is this contradictory to what I said in my previous post? Am I missing something here? I mean sure, they're considerably faster stock for stock, but as I have witnessed, a mildly modded GT does have a chance (and I'm driving an automatic lol). Another data point many would consider interesting is that this "race" occurred from about 70 to 110 or so, which is the type of race where the LS1 usually shines. Trust me, I was fully expecting to be raped after listening to you guys call it the motor touched by God. The other guy was quite surprised, too :)
  11. I have seen people screw up in autos too. Some make the mistake of manually shifting an auto in a LS1, when actually the best way is to leave it in D and turn off ASR. The computer is pretty aggressive when it shifts. Other cases, the car itself is messed up.

    I ran 13.4's @104-105 ish with the old 00 Z/28 stock. That was an auto. My buddies stock LS1 auto ran 13.3-13.4's and now with a catback and HP Tuners we got him running 13.2's. The Stall just went in and he got DR's so 12's are here and he has spent less than 600 bucks.

    The average M6 LS1 I have seen is 13.2-13.3 with some good drivers running 12.9-13.2 stock.

    As for the roll races, like I said, he probably was trying to manually shift or something major was messed up. How can an auto car with 60-80 more hp lose to another auto from a roll?:rlaugh:
  12. So then it would be a drivers race for me than???:shrug: I got Bassani from midpipe back, Dual frict. clutch, cable & quantrant, Alum. driveshaft, CAI, and 4:10s sitting on 275 555r DRs. Just wanted to know cause i will be going up against some ls1s at the track coming up. The LS1 car club in my area seems to want to prove a point.:rolleyes:
  13. So what about them SS's whatever years they even were?? I have seen an older one with not the round but kinda squarish lights in front...sounds like a pretty loud exhaust Im wondering how fast they are? stock n modded?
  14. 96_svt_ venom- It will be a drivers race.

    A LT1 SS has the ability to run mid 13's bone stock in a 6 speed. Modded anything goes with the LT1. My buddy is running [email protected] with a 1.2 60' with his naturally aspirated LT1.
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    PS I will win:nice: