Zaino'ed the car on Friday...

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  1. wow looks amazing.
  2. Shiney! :drool: I can't wait to zaino mine again :banana:
  3. GTJake, is that factory original paint or have you repainted the car recently? I was gonna switch to Zaino after I ran out of my Meguiar's products, but you just might convince me to toss it all out. I can get a really good shine with Meguiar's, but not THAT good.
  4. his car only has like 30k on it
  5. That would explain the lack of scratches or dings. I've got 5 TIMES that on my 94 - 157,000 and counting.
  6. Missed a spot...j/k looks good man :nice:
  7. that looks extremely good man great job. You have convinced me to go get some now. who carries it I dont think ia have seen it before or just wasnt looking. My mcgwires just aint cutting it mainly cause my dad uses all of it and im left trying to do the car with very very little wax.
  8. What is so hard about using the Zaino. I am thinking about buying some. Which Zanio products did you buy. Last time I checked they sold alot of different products.

  9. Yeah, 25k miles on the car. Thanks for the compliments guys.

    Here's the website...

    The only reason it is a PITA is it was the first time I used it. Therefore, you have to wash your car once, then wash it with dishwashing liquid to stip all old wax off, then clay bar the car, then again wash it with dishwashing liquid. Then you can start applying the multiple coats of Zaino. Took me about 8 hrs on Friday, ugh.

    The next time I use it should be alot easier since I don't have to do all the prep work.

    Get the swirl and scratch remover and the final polish. Also, make sure to get the ZFX accelerator. That allows the polish to cure in about a 1/2 hour, rather than 24 hours. That way you can apply multiple coats in a short time.

    Supposidly the more you use it the shinnier it gets, so I may order up some more ZFX accelerator and do a few more coats this summer.

    It's real nice stuff, it's just the prep work that really is time consuming. And it doesn't help that I hate this kinda stuff. I much rather be doing something mechanical that cleaning and polish...yuk...

  10. You've just convinced me not to get it. :D

    ****, I'm lazy enough to still not start screwing with my car. There is no way in hell I'd spend 8 hours on something that I hate with a passion - cleaning my car.

  11. LOL...I feel the same way, but a buddy of mine with a Trans Am was like we should polish our cars today. I was like....hmmm...okay. Not thinking it would be this involved. I'm glad it's done now though for sure.

    What's up with your car now Joe???

  12. Busted....still...

    My parents just moved and the house has been a nightmare (unexpectedly). Tons of money in 16 new windows (that my Dad put in because he's a god damn perfectionist), almost 7k in concrete work because the concrete patio that was poured behind our Florida room sloped back and ran the water into the house. Termites, rotted wood, F'ed up carpets, etc. That was just straightened out last week. I feel bad asking my Dad to do anything - he's setting up the rear - there's too much for me to screw up on that deal. He mentioned something last weekend about doing it this two weekends from now. We'll see...

    I've got the Detroit Truetrac, Mosers, new ring gear, pinion bearing, crush collar, yada, yada.

    Then I need to get re-acquainted with the Tweecer before I take it up to the dyno to tune it.

    Then down the track to beat the **** out of it. :D

  13. Sorry about the move....that seems like a big pain.

    I added more spark and the car really feels stronger......or I'm just fooled. I'll be going to the track in a few weeks to break my tranny...:D