Zex users, need a little help for install.

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by BlueOvalStangGT, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Im looking at the install instructions and im a little confused. How does this compensate fuel? Does the vacuam line that hooks to the regulator add pressure to add fuel? How would one install this on a 04 GT? What jets do you guys use and where do the jets for the fuel go?
  2. assuming you have a dry kit that is exactly how the extra fuel is added.

    you cannot use that setup on mid 98-up due to the returnless style fuel system.
  3. What does a returnless system have anything to do with a dry kit though? Are the FPR differnt on the newer cars?
  4. "returnless" style fuel systems do not have a fuel pressure regulator per say.

    they let the fuel sit in the rail and vary pressure with the pump--some makers still use a regulator, however it is built into the fuel filter and not vacuum operated.

    this is done to reduce evaporative emmisions, as returning fuel from the rail is returning hot fuel that will evaporate the fuel in the tank at a greater rate.

    to make a dry kit function on a returnless style setup you would have to spray across the maf(generally limited to about a 75 shot) or run a "switched" setting on your ecm that will add the extra fuel.

    if i had an 04 and wanted to spray, i would look into a direct port and just run a smaller shot until my bottom end was built---then look out.
  5. So I could use the zex kit on the 04 if I didnt hook up the FPR line, and just added fuel with a Predator? This isnt permanant, we are just looking to surprise a few people with my friends almost stock car. We only would be running a 50 shot or less.