S197 Camber Plate Install

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    [​IMG]Tying back to the S197 Ford Mustang spring install article, we are here to present an exquisitely done how-to exhibit on the installation of camber plates. These J&M camber plates allow you to adjust the camber angle. Ford designed the stock Mustang with the need to slot the lower mounting holes to adjust camber or use camber bolts. With this high-quality J&M camber plate, camber is easily adjusted. This StangNet.com write-up gives a real-world overview and interpretation on how to perform the camber plate installation on a 2005 Ford Mustang GT. StangNet Staff member bigcat shows us just how it's done. [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img>


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