1. J

    Auto Trans slipping in 4th only on freeway

    I've got an 04 GT auto, it shifts perfect just driving around town, but when I'm on the freeway in 4th and give it a little gas, the traction control light comes on for a second and the transmission feels like its slipping, revs increase but no effect in speed, it almost feels like its trying to...
  2. M

    2003 GT auto shifting

    I have a 2003 mustang gt auto with 108k miles, I installed a fresh crate motor to find my transmission shifting through first and second wonderfully but when it is suppose to shift to third it downshifts to first and I’m wondering if it could be anything other then a bad transmission I did a...
  3. A

    Holding AOD in gear - responsibly

    I’ve searched about this and most people seem to want to drag race shifting an AOD manually. I simply enjoy holding it in 2nd on country roads to be in that 2-3k rmp range instead of 1k. If I ever downshift its at the right speed to feel smooth, and only one gear at a time, not on the throttle...
  4. Hudson N

    Auto trans not engaging after braking

    I've got a automatic 2004 gt, the transmission shifts fine, not particularly smooth, but acceptable. After braking hard without stopping like entering a corner, the transmission let's go like it's in neutral and wont re-engage for a second or two, it will just rev up freely and then snap back...
  5. D

    SOLD [FOR SALE] 1996 Mustang GT Convertible / 4.6 - Automatic /Former Virginia car

    1996 Mustang GT Convertible / 4.6 - Automatic /Former Virginia Car, 112,000 miles Car has NO Rot or Rust, Runs excellent, have 2 sets of wheels/tires (all new) for the right price Asking $6500.00 or Best Offer, **** Make an Offer****** Attleboro, MA 508-269-2072
  6. A

    Expired 92 Mustang LX 2.3L Automatic Convertible / Augusta GA / $2000 OBO

    '92 2.3L 4-cylinder N/A automatic convertible Mustang LX. White exterior, blue interior. Located in Augusta GA. Negatives: • Dents in passenger front fender and hood (see pictures) • Rear passenger fender dent from tire blowout (see picture) • Coolant leak somewhere, I think around...
  7. C

    Help Choosing Auto Transmission

    All, I am planning to swap out my T-5 manual for an automatic transmission (yeah, yeah, I know). I currently have a '65 Fastback, Ford Racing Crate 306 (340 hp) with EFI, 9" Versaille rear axle, Total Control front front end, power steering and brakes. I am looking for opinions on what type of...
  8. O

    99 To A 95 Engine Swap

    So I have a 99 automatic v6 engine. Can I put it in a 95 that previously had a v6 manual. The transmission is still in the 95.
  9. LoganCT

    SN95 3.73 Gear Change For Automatic

    1994 GT Automatic Transmission - I know that information is scattered around, but have been unable to find a complete guide on the steps for swapping stock gears out for 3.73s on an automatic transmission. I know that when changing gears you have to get the speedometer adjusted and shift points...
  10. Pruittracing

    Help 4.6 Engine Tick

    Hello I'm new here first post now about my problem I have a 2000 mustang gt with the 4.6 it has 144.000 I'm having a tick coming from the engine it's a constant tick that gose with the rpms it dose it anytime the engine is on need help don't know if this helps but it dose burn a little oil and...
  11. Five.0GT

    Rotational Torque And Weight Transfer = Manual Transmission Shift Issues

    This may be a bit long, so bear with me. I have a 2016 Ford Mustang GT with 6-speed manual, non-PP. I have noticed on several other forums and even and Road and Track (I believe) had articles dealing with complaints of Manual Transmission on the S550 ('15+) and even the prior...
  12. J

    Electrical 1996 Mustang Convertible Auto Power Window Drop- Please Help!

    Hi. Newbie here. First post. Bought a 1996 mustang GT Convertible. 167,000 miles. Runs good. When I open the doors, the windows are supposed to drop a 1/2" to clear the top right? Mine don't. Went and read all kinds of posts that said how to reinitialize the smart window motors. Tried...
  13. Steve ward

    New! 1996 Mustang Gt Pennsylvania

    Hey guys, I'm new to the stang community here. I just bought a 1996 GT 4.6l. I'm looking at gaining some hp and torque. Any suggestions? Thanks guys Steve
  14. Classic Mustang Transmission Settings

    Classic Mustang Transmission Settings

    Please LIKE my Facebook, if my videos are useful to you: Classic Mustang Transmission Settings OK, so do I use the dot in the circle one, or do I start the car and drive normally on the "dot" setting? I'm sure to some of you this seems like a very...