1. PakstinN

    cam swap w/ 11r 190

    Hello All, Recently, I rebuilt my 306 and topped it off with a set of tfs 11r 190's (56cc), and a lightly ported rpmii. I have a custom grind cam from ed curtis spec'd for another build of mine (ported gt40P's/explorer setup) .555/.558 224/220 @.050 111* LSA, and my question is should I be...
  2. 9

    1995 3.8 v6 Camshaft Lift { Answer Inside}

    Hey guys i just extracted a cam from a 3.8 95 v6 mustang, did some measurements and got a TOTAL lift of .430. I dont have a way to measure Duration or LSA(although it is pretty tight), sorry. . Figured i would throw out that info. Someone is bound to find that handy when they decide to cam swap...
  3. 0

    Screeching noise

    I have a 2004 3.9 V6 mustang. It had a sqeaking sound. I took it to the shop several times and replaced the belt, tensioner arm, water pump, ac compressor and alternator. The steady squeak is gone, but now it has a loud screeching sound that comes every 5-10 minutes. There is also a Service...
  4. Ian Ranchero

    Experience with summit cams and lifters?

    Howdy all. Looking to beef up my 67 289. I have 4bbl intake and carb, headers and duals. Any have experience with the summit cams? Loce to hear what guys have ran in thier 289s for street performance. Heres the one i am looking at... thoughts...
  5. H

    Cams and heads

    Hi I have a sn95 cobra i just got as my first car and am very interested in building it to a 347 down the road. I have experience in building engines just not anything serious mostly stock or small. Was wondering if someone could explain to me how to tell if a cam would work/fit in an engine...
  6. E

    Camshaft engraving

    i need to figure out what type of camshafts i have so that bama can make me a costum tune. I bought a 2007 mustang gt with long tube and camshafts, but i dont know what type of camshafts they are. I am alsp adding TB, CAI and intake manifold. I was told that the camshafts have engraving on...
  7. GetOuttaDodge

    Anyone In Eastern Nc Who Can Help?

    I'm interested in installing Ford racing cams but looking for local help. I'm in the Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune, NC area. I have years of car know how but recently lost my garage. I have also never attempted a cam swap and know the timing can be tricky. Anyone nearby, who's done this, and is...
  8. PakstinN

    Buying An Ed Curtis Cam

    So for Christmas my parents told me they would by a custom camshaft for me to help me complete my 306. I would like to begin the process of getting this cam but I’m not sure how to get ahold of ed Curtis to give him all the details of my setup. I believe I found where to buy them but I’m not...
  9. J

    Expired Ford V8 Cam Tool Kit For Sale - $150

    If interested, please contact me via email at [email protected] I'm based in Phoenix, AZ. Ford V8 Cam Tool Kit 6498 by OTC. Includes: -525216 Camshaft Positioning Tool -525217 Camshaft Holding Tool -525218 Secondary Timing Chain Tensioner Tool -525219 Crankshaft Positioning...
  10. S

    393w Camshaft & Opinions

    I am building a 393w for my 1995 gt. '94 up 351w block. I am needing help with the camshaft, as i have everything else and i'm wanting to get the motor finished ASAP. 393w Scat rods and crank Mahle forged pistons Edelbrock performer rpm heads(ported) Edelbrock air gap intake (ported) Holley...
  11. W

    First Motor Build Need Advice

    so first i have a 89 302 completely stock, i have gt40p heads, ford racing 1.6 roller rockers, chrome moly pushrods, .600 max lift valve springs from anderson, msd distributor, and an msd ignition system. im leaning between a cobra, explorer, or even an aftermarket intake manifold that wont...
  12. E

    Is Cam Degreeing Necessary

    I want to install the mutha thumpr cams in my 07 gt and was looking into cam degree. I was just told since my car has vvt it isn't really necessarily needed to be degreed. Is this correct?
  13. E

    Is Cam Degreeing Necessary

    I want to install the mutha thumpr cams in my 07 gt and was looking into cam degree. I was just told since my car has vvt it isn't really necessarily needed to be degreed. Is this correct?
  14. T

    Camshafts For 1994 1995 Mustang Gt 302 Sn95

    ive been looking around trying to find a decent cam with i good sound but not too aggressive and also gives me good performance. i have the 94 gt and was seeing a lot of people getting the E303 cam vs something from trick flow or comp cams. first id like to know why, secondly id like to know if...
  15. C

    Need Help With P0340 Camshaft Synchronizer Code!

    99 mustang with I believe to be a 2002 engine 3.8 , only code I get is for camshaft I've replaced the alternator (with one off my other mustang) I know it's works btw , coil pack , spark plugs , oem ford wires, camshaft synch sensor, crankshaft sensor, camshaft synchronizer - now this is where...
  16. Tubes

    Need Help With Timing Issue New Motor

    Ok guys, I need some help. Pulling my hair out. I pulled the engine and did rings and bearings and changed the heads and camshaft. I went with trick flow 190 11Rs and a Anderson B31 camshaft. Here is the issue I'm having. I started the car and it fired right off. Idled very good and...
  17. J

    Engine Need Help With Valve Train

    So I got a 86 fox about a year ago with a 92 EFI roller motor and I'm rebuilding it and switching to carborated I pritymuch have everything done exsept for the valve train im looking and a set of heads with .550 max lift and the comp 35-302-8 and I'm thinking 1.6 stud rockers would that be...
  18. S

    E-street Heads & Cam?

    I bought a set of Used Edelbrock E-Street heads. Model number 5023. I am completely redoing the entire valve train on the heads with the exception of the guide plates and Exhaust valves. I have read where you can not run a hydraulic roller cam with these heads.. any ideas why? If I redo the...
  19. S

    P0340 Problem Figured Out But...

    So i have finally figured out the p0340 problem on my 2000 mustang gt. It turns out that after checking everything that the magnet or metel piece on the cam gear is no longer working. The sensor is not recieving a constant signal from it. And of course i have the windsor engine so i cannot just...
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    How-To Camshaft Video

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