'01 GT+BOOST=DISASTER read on...

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by PACKIN86, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. My buddy installed a 10lb. intercooled blower, (rather keep the brand anonymous). Along with 42lb injectors, fuel pump, (all the recommended items). Had the blower on about 300 miles. Last night he was (street) racing a 2003 Cobra and the block let go. Got the car home, took it down and no burned plugs, no burned pistons. The motor spit out 2 rods. ANYBODY WHO IS PLANNING ON RUNNING A BLOWER ON THESE **** MOTORS WITH THEIR "cheap to manufacture powder-cracked rods" better heed this warning: THESE MODULAR MOTORS ARE NO 5.0. THEY WILL NOT TAKE ANY PRESSURE. Please do not send mail that my buddy did something wrong because he didn't. (he happens to be a master tech at FORD). Just wanted anyone who was planning on a power adder for these cars, be careful...
  2. Bummer man, did he upgrade the rods? I'm not tryin to knock on your buddy here but personally i'd first try to build up the low end; crank, rods, exc... first to make sure that would handle it..... but i'm no pro at the 4.6, maybe you can do it to a stock 5.0 (i'm no engine pro) but i mean, if your running 10lbs of boost through an engine it's gonna put on a lot more stress than it was origonally designed to take, so it shouldn't be that big of a surprise that the sucker blew up.
    That however is my cynical opinion on the situation (sorry, not having the greatest day) so feel free to do with it what you want.

    Hope your buddy has better luck in the future!
  3. How many Rs was it turning when it let go? The stock 4.6 block can handle in excess of 1000 hp. Try doing that with a stock 5.0 block.
  4. I have been supercharged for a year and currently run 13# of intercooled boost with a Novi 2000 and Paxton intercooler.

    After 12000 miles my #1 piston took a dump, but the rods are fine. My car is 3 years old and has a total of 33000 miles.

    The 4.6 engine is perfect for naturally aspirated power, but the rods cannot handle the huge power under boost and the pistons cannot even handle a hint of detonation under boost.

    Some people get lucky and run 2-3 years+ with 400rwhp+ under boost, but others suffer your buddy's fate and mine.

    My Ford dealer is replacing the 1 piston under warranty, if/when it fails again I will go forged internals and really crank up the power. I figure if it lasts another 9 months I can trade it for a new GT.