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  1. okay guys heres the problem.........

    i am currently driving a 06 gt and i love the car....but i really want to get into a 03 04 cobra or a 06 07 saleen non-supercharged......i know what you guys are thinking, "not really the same ballpark"....due to the fact that i want the non-supercharged saleen, but i will eventually supercharge it with a centri. maybe novi or ati.

    what are your feelings has anyone cosidered these two cars before?....i basically know the basics considering the i have owned a 2001 saleen prior and their poor craftmanship ie. bad paint, chipping chrome wheels, just over-all fit and finish...."but man i think they look awesome"....but the problems i think about the cobra that it is basically outdated, body style and interior....but man do i love that engine and the power i can get from it!

    some might say why not just start fixing up the GT?....but the thing with the gt is that i have already put around 5 grand ie. wheels, full exhaust, shifter, gears, suspension, little stuff hear and there pedals and interior trim stuff......and man!!!, is this bull**** adding up...... i know im going to have to dump a lot more into it, to where i wanna get it.... so what do you guys think, should i pull the trigger on a 03 04 cobra?.....or go with the modestly fast (even when blown) 06 07 saleen?

    oh yeah i forgot. i own my gt outright its a 06 with about 8,000 miles...what are some going rates for a low mileage cobra?.....(looking anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 miles).....and what are 06 07 non spercharged saleens going for?....i basically will sell my GT and all the parts to come out of pocket at least as i can.

    any kind of input would be great, thanks a lot
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  2. I would personally go with a Terminator.

    1. I prefer the styling of the 03-04 cobra...The Saleens are just to exotic looking for me.

    2. You'll get more Horsepower for your $
  3. +1.

    03/04 Terminator. Put a pulley, exhaust, and a tune and you're right at 500rwhp. Also remember that they have forged internals and are built for boost. Just watch out for the IRS in the terminators...to much wheel hop and you'll grenade the rear-end.

    Oh yeah...if you get a terminator...KENNE BELLE THAT S.O.B.!
  4. wow, you guys are fast to say go with the terminnator!.....but i see in your sig's that you also drive the new 06 and up gt's?....:shrug: how come you guys didnt go with a 03 cobra?.....thanks for all the great replies!:D
  5. Good question. Myself, I had an '03 GT. I loved that car. That got totalled, so it needed replaced. I needed something with room for my gigging gear, so I went with the Magnum. Then my girlfriend picked up the Mustang later. That was her decision. While I love it, I'd rather have a Terminator. 4V Exhaust = heaven
  6. Come and drive my 03 cobra. hell it's got 58k miles on it already and compared to some on here, it's worn out. Then go get in a N/A Saleen, which is definitly a sharp car, just lacks the seat of the pants feel. After driving both, you decide. I know I'd take the cobra hands down. Mine is only 465hp, but there's just something about the whole car that makes me 100% sure, I'll never be without a Terminator. All joking aside, come on over to Ohio and drive my little beater. Drive it like you stole it. I ain't hurt it yet, I doubt you can either. Later...
  7. Hmmm... Where exactly in Ohio are you? Wait.. nevermind, I'll just end up wanting a Cobra after driving your car and that isn't healthy for me.
  8. i would totally like to drive the terminator!:nice: .....but im all the way here is sunny california, anyways.

    a question to all the cobra owners....do you feel that the body style and interior is outdated....other than that i think im getting a cobra.....thanks guys:SNSign:
  9. fox1x, I'm in Miamisburg which is about half way between Dayton and Cinn. Right off I-75. Come on down anytime.:D (except when it's raining.) :nono: Not scared to get it wet, just don't want to have to stand out in the rain while filing the police report and explaining why we were doing donuts right in the middle of town.

    As far as the interior, well, maybe the interior has been around for a while. The seats, however, are unique. Not the seats you'd find in a Mercedes, but still nice seats. The 05-07 mustangs do have a different interior, but to me it just looks cheap. Looks like too much plastic. I know that's what's "IN" right now, but when the inside of a mustang looks like the inside of a Nissan Quest minivan, I'm afraid I'd rather have the "dated" mustang look.

    Good luck on finding the perfect Cobra. By the way, it must suck living in Sunny California, huh? I spend 6 months in Orange County (Laguna Hills actually) and let me tell ya... Wait, maybe I better not tell ya. :nono: :nono: :nono: My wife may see this:D
  10. Warranty and insurance. Those are the only reasons.

    Anybody that says interior or something along those lines shouldn't be driving a Mustang. They aren't supposed to be comfortable or anything. It's a sports car. Also, the Terminator is a damn rocket with just a few MINOR mods.