05 gt or 02 ws6

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  1. We had a pre-production dyno of an 05 GTO in July at ls1tech. It put down 355 RWHP (it was from the most relibable source there; nine ball posted it if I recall)

    Vettes are putting down less numbers, so I expect that pre-production to be a little high, but maybe the Vette (like normal) puts down poor RWHP numbers due to its drivetrain loss.
  2. I saw that - it made 351 RWHP, which is certainly believeable to me.

    As for Vettes and GTO drivetrain losses....I don't see where they would be much different, as both have the same tranny and an IRS.
  3. IDK, different driveshaft? Torque Manangment taking dyno numbers away, somehow :shrug:

    Its just that I have been seeing C6's dynoing as low as 340, haven't seen a 05 GTO go yet, but you get the picture.
  4. Can't imagine a DS making a significant difference. Torque Management certainly can, but I have no idea if it is/will/would.

    I would think that the average GTO will dyno about the same as the average C6. No reason not to.
  5. Probably correct. :nice:
  6. They under-rated the the hp in the WS6 so that it would not sit equal to the corvette, not just for insurance purposes. It is pretty well known that ls1's in the Camaro and Firebird are under-rated.