`05 GT takeoff Rear Swaybar Install

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  1. I've just finished the install of a `05 GT (takeoff) Rear Swaybar this AM.

    The eBay purchase was cheap enough,,, and all of the attachment hardware is as close as the nearest Ford Dealership.

    In total, the cost was less than $150.00.

    The install took only about 1/2 hour and I didn't even take the wheels off.

    The only real trick is that you have to raise the rear of the car and keep the two rear wheels more or less level - and parallel.

    One small note: when you order the shackle bolts* they come in a package of 4.
    The install only requires two (2) ~ so I have two left over >>>
    If anyone needs them, drop me a line ......

    * PN W708737-S439
  2. That's a great deal! Nice job! But, the real question is... how does she handle?!!
  3. Good job and good news indeed. I will have to keep an eye out on ebay for one.
  4. It does handle better, with the rear end following the front with a bit more authority.
  5. I got mine late last week (haven't installed it yet) but they have'em. If they don't right then and there you can backorder it.
  6. `05 GT takeoff Rear Swaybar Install / Update

    After driving the car for a week I've noticed a sharp sounding click or popping noise (occasionally) coming from the rear passenger side ...

    I did some (re)checking in of the install schematic and found that Ford recommends 85lbs of torque to the shackle bolts !!!

    Knowing that I did NOT apply anywhere near that much torque, I once again crawled up underneath the car and reluctantly applied the proper weight to the fasteners.

    after a few short test drives I think that the problem is solved ...

    for now ~