06 SVT Mustang Cobra Spotted !!

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  1. from www.AutoWeek.com....


  2. not to be mean but this is old news. we have already seen this like 2-3 weeks ago at least
  3. yep yep...people are still wondering if it's photoshoped or not...
  4. Well the reply below will put that conspiracy to rest.

  5. If it's not a photoshop. Then can someone tell Ford to test it in cooler weather. Or do something about the heat the engine is putting out. Because it's obviously melting the front end.
  6. That proves nothing...some people will say anything to exagerate the truth. I'm not saying it's not true, I am saying that comment proves nothing.
  7. Let's see more pics. There were supposed to be others. Where are they? Without more pics. I don't believe thats anything more than a photoshop.
  8. no...

    Looks like a chop to me. The test mules we've been seeing have this spotted pattern, so that one the guy saw the back of was one of those. If that's an SVT why only a large (somewhat ridiculous) cowl induction and the same grille and front fascia as the GT. The lower bumper air inlet area would be distinctively different from the GT, at the very minimum.
    Looks like a cowl-loving chevy guy with photoshop to me, wishing it also said camaro on the side.
  9. please lock this thread, I can't stand that photochopped pic. I am getting nightmares already.
  10. I agree. But you know someone else will bring it up next week.
  11. I'm the person who spotted it and posted this early this week. I know what i saw and it looks identical to the posted on here. I'm not the only one who has spotted it in the city of Downey. Me and others have also spotted this also if you're in here chime in. I do not exagerate the truth. Think about this what would be the reason they wouldn't let me see it. The sales man that my whole family has purchased there ford from wouldn't even let me take a look at it. He just smiled and said sorry man but i can't risk it. I asked why it looks something different from what i've seen on your website? He wouldn't speak a word and then they asked me to leave. So i did
  12. I will believe you when you get some different pictures. Other wise I call :bs:
  13. how the hell can i get pic's if they wouldn't even let me see the freakin car. am suppose to carry a freakin camera with me every time i go out. believe me or not who cares i have people that will vouch for me . so stfu
  14. You may have seen it. But the pic on here is supposed to be from someone claining to have 8 other pics of said car. And has yet to post any other ones. This pic was supposedly taken in naples florida. Which I don't believe is near downey. Now as to this particular pic. Can you explain the front end? Why are the light 2 different shapes. Why does the seam on the hood disappear and why does the front 4 inches of the car become a different color on the passenger side only.
  15. why does everyone automatically think every new picture posted is photoshopped? when that GTR pic first came out, there were people saying that is photoshopped too...
    (BTW, I'm not saying that is definatly the new cobra, but keep an open mind.. wtf)
  16. "automatically"?? That pic was posted weeks ago, and it got quite a lot of analysis, there are many technical problems with the photo that scream photoshop. The GTR pic may have been briefly accused as a photoshop by some people, but the people who know what they're looking for pretty quickly stepped up to say it looked real.

  17. Why do I and many others think the Cobra is a photoshop. First the quality of the pic as I stated in the post before yours. Then the fact that it was in the forums www.naplesracing.com. Under a thread offer $100 for the first pic of the 06 cobra. And hey many people would take 10 minutes to do a bad photoshop for $100. He claimed to have several more pics. But none were shown. And noone on this or any other thread about this photo. Has been able to explain away the issues in my above post.
    As for the GTR. Many more pics of it came out within days of the first one. And the quality and quantity of pics. Was just too much to be a photoshop. Many people have enough time to do 1 bad photoshop. But 20 or excellent photoshops (which the GTR would have been if it were fake.) is a lot more time consuming.
  18. saleen137...

    I have no doubt it what you saw and the way they acted at the dealership only proves that more. The thing that gets me about the pic is that it is missing a seam on the hood on the drivers side. Makes it appear as though the pic had been altered.
  19. I'm confused, i've seen this pic and more of this same car.
    I keep hearing you guys say only 1 pic has been released, not true at all, i saw around 6 pictures posted of this car.
    Is it real, no idea.
  20. Looks real to me. I doubt that's the new Cobra however. What it *might* be, and this is just speculation, is a mule that's being used to test the powerplant of a Cobra, BOSS, or other limited run Mustang. It might only have that cowl because it needs it to fit the motor underneath.

    But the Cobra will definitely have a diff. front fascia and other body panels, since they're trying to move it more upscale. Not just a lame ass cowl hood.