07 Mustang Gt, Noob

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  1. Hey ladies and gentlemen,

    Look forward to talking with you all. I recently bought an 07 mustang gt windviel blue. Only had 42k miles on it. Like a buried gem! absolutely love it, and can't believe I never bought one sooner. I shyd away from it because everyone on base has one. Also I am a US Marine (0311).
    I bought the car with the auxiliary input inoperable, severe road rash on wheels, and no tpms. So far I've fixed the auxiliary and bought stock gt wheels (with no tpms got scammed). So far I've added a k&n Cai, carbon fiber hood (which means I need a wiper relocator kit now!), and flowmaster American thunder axle backs. Did all the work myself on this car. On order is hash marks for the front, so my car looks likes a native American warrior lol.
    In the future and in order of what I want to add: rear window louver, tuner, chin spoiler and headers. Which I plan on finding on this site!

    Again look forward to talking to everyone,

    IMAG0200.jpg IMAG0215.jpg
  2. Nice...more rewarding doing your own work isn't it?

    Thanks for your service as well.

  3. Welcome aboard!