$169 3 1/2 in Summit Radiator FITS our cars!!

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  1. with some minor modification of course. I have some pics I'll post later tonight when I get home, but ya it fits frikin awesome, you ever seen a stock gt radiator out of the car next to this thing, looks like a radiator for a 4cyl. Picked up this Summit Radiator 3 1/2in thick x 28 x 19 I think is that it came out to. Just lettin everyone know you don't need these $500 radiators made especially for our cars, I'm all about the cheaper universal stuff you make fit. :D

  2. I like the cheaper stuff, post what you had to do and the part #, I still am running my stock radiator!!!:nice:
  3. Keep me informed I need to do a radiator in my car. Was this auto or manual?
  4. How 'bout you and Nunly making that Tremec fit my AODE!:nice:
  5. Ok guys here's how I did it...

    First of all it's part #SUM-380428
    Size 28 x 19 x 3 1/2

    First of all these pics everything was a little dirty:rolleyes: anyway what you have to do is there are two mounts that actually hold the radiator in place that have to be removed to get the original out. The top drivers side mount you need to keep. After removing the radiator you slide the new one into place with ease, then that top mount you take the rubber grommet piece and turn it around, basically remove it and stick it back in facing the opposite direction, then you will find a small hole on the bottom drivers side near the radiator tank that you can take a bolt and nut and bolt the old upper bracket to and place the rubber grommet against the radiator to hold it in place, and amazingly the way it fits in there it is snug and does not move at all!! The electric fan is up to you how you want to do that, I used zip ties temporarily but the auto stores sell the special electric fan mounts that go thru the radiator and hold it in place, not sure how to explain but they should know what you mean when you ask for them, comes in a pack of 4. you need a 1/8x3/8 pipe threaded fitting to hook up the overflow line which isn't hooked up in the picture. In order to hook up the overflow bracket you have to cut (to seperate) the upper protruding edges and bend down the small portion that the bracket goes over and you should be good to go, of course you will have to slightly modify everything a little to get it to fit your application how you want it but it does work and great at that!! If you need any other help or ? lemme know.

  6. nother pic ni the middle of install
  7. Sly Performance would like to apologize for the remodeling construction you see in the pics. We are changing things to better serve you.

    Sly Performance
  8. :lol:

    Nice, I know that 357 will be much cooler
  9. Very interesting!!! Must place this in the remember pile...
  10. Thats cool but I gotta think if it would clear my blower pulleys?
  11. I tell you Leeroy, my Fluidyne cut it PRETTY close with the S-Trim!
    I actually didn't think it would go from "eye-balling" it, but it fit in there nice, with just enough room to spare.
    As for the universal fit, just find out the width on the Fluidyne and get it to match and you'd be set.

    Great job again Sly!!
  12. Here's a new pic with it installed, but now the heads and intake are removed muahahahaha, and sly performance is gettin sprayed on that radiator shroud. hehehe Thanx for the compliment eades.

  13. and another pic...
  14. is that upper radiator hose pinched like that on purpose?
  15. oh ya almost forgot you gotta cut about 2 in off of the upper hose in order for it to not pinch due to the fact the radiator sits allot farther out. Good point, I forgot to mention that.

  16. Leeroy: Another thing I'm running a 351, and it actually sits a hair forward more not much tho, so you might have a tiny bit of more room than I do.

  17. I never had an overheating problem... until I put the xenon front fascia on my car. I guess it cut down on the amount of air passing over the radiator. I'm thinking of going this route... its one I can afford! Do you think this would fix my problem. The car doesn't really overheat, it used to never go above "O" but now if its anywhere near or above 80* outside, it will creep on up to "M"-"A" on the stock gauge... with having the AFR aluminum heads this scares me as this is getting to hot for comfort for me. Why couldn't the driverside bracket be used in the stock location like the passenger side?

    Also, is there any weight loss or gain with the SUMMITT radiator?
  18. hmmm weight loss, over the stock one probably not, if anything you gain a little but well worth it, it's hard to be lighter than a plastic tank 1 core aluminum stock radiator. This clip is staraight from the site...

    "...It features an aluminum 2 row design with high capacity 1 in. tubing to outcool common 5 row copper-brass radiators. It also features an all-aluminum furnace brazed construction with aluminum water tanks, tubes, fins, and header for reduced weight. The radiator has a heavy duty machined aluminum filler neck and is fully welded with no epoxy, seals, or gaskets to go bad."

    I can check the weight from the shipping info when I get home tonight. This will cool your car much much better, however if anyone has a supercharger I'm not sure how much room you will have for it to fit, it might but not sure. Hope this helps!

  19. I think Im gonna stay with the Flyuidine since I know it will clear my blower belt.
  20. Now, if the tubing is 1", isn't that BIGGER than the stock tubing. I always thought the smaller he tubing the better as it has more surface area for the heat transfer to occur at between the tube and the coolant. I'm just wondering if this will still help in cooling... I'm thinking of something was told to me a while back about high flow water pumps. I heard that it was "possible" to flow the coolant too fast through the radiator... flowing it too fast didn't give it enough time to cool off... this might be BS, but I'm just thinking out loud... what do you think, you have both the stocker and the new summitt one, looking at the new one, does it seem obvious that the new one will cool more??? I would think so but I want your opinion.