$169 3 1/2 in Summit Radiator FITS our cars!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by slyvette, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. I'll let you know as soon as i get my engine back together :D With larger rows there is more contact space for heat to transfer, plus there are two rows compared to one ni the stock radiator. I know it will help cause I had one in my 468ci 79 vette i used to have, and it helped allot.

  2. Well if it will clear my S-Trim, then I may be sold. I don't see how any rad besides the stock will do that though, it is so damn tight as is.:eek:
  3. Picked mine up today from Summitt on my way home from having my car looked at by the engineers at TTC. Looks GOOD!
  4. oh ya:D glad i could help someone

  5. Well I might be the test dummy for the s-trim people...Might order on this week I'll tell you what happens. I wanna do what Eades said first and check the width of the Fluodine vs. the Summit one.
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  7. Where can i get a 1/8x3/8 pipe fitting from? Is that for the overflow bottle hose? I'm assuming your rad came without one!
  8. Update?

    I was curious if anyone had tried this rad. and had success with it. Sly, do you have yours running yet? If so, how is the radiator working out. I am in need of a new ratiator (Car has been running in M-A range on guage lately). Florida heat sucks. Sounds like a cost effective alternative to a more expensive replacement. I am using a 180* Mr Gasket balanced thermostat (new as of yesterday) and all nwe hoses, new rad. cap. Head gaskets are OK. ECT is ok. Cannot run down why my car is running hot. Hoping an aluminum rad. will fix the prob. Any input is appreciated...

  9. I'm not sly but maybe I can answer your questions. I am not real sure why he has not been posting lately I know that he hurt his knee but his fingers should work. But anyway, his car is running now I know this because I helped him put it back together last Friday. As far as the radiator goes then entire time that I was there with it running the car never got above N in "Normal" which is around 170 or so according to my autometer gauge. I'll tell you now it is a little strange the way that it is in there but it is very stable and looks almost factory. Make sure that you have enough water/coolant in the radiator and remember that the factory fan settings suck so you might look into a manual switch for it too. My car was doing something similar for a long time and it turns out that the factory radiator was cracked and that was the problem. It got really bad when Sly and myself were coming back from the track two weeks ago and it burst. Anyway what I am getting to is I just put in a new stock replacement and with my chip turning the fan on a 165 it never gets above 170. Also have the fan recall taken care of if your car falls under it since that could be the problem. Just make sure that it does since VibrantRed had had all the trouble that he has with it. Good Luck.
  10. Thanks for the info man... I went throught the same thing with my rad. about 6 months ago. I currently have a stock replacemet that is now 6 months old. My car does fall into the recall... and I have yet to do it because I really dont want those kids at my local ford dealership toching, much less dogging my car. I need to get it taken care of however, hopefully that will fix my problem (/me slaps meself...should have thought about the recall as a problem anyway). Is the fluydine(spelling) worth the extra bucks for a proper fit in you opinion. TIA.

  11. If you really have the money then get the Fluidine since it will just be a 10min install. But for the money and no more than you have to do to get the other one to work I would go with the cheap one. I was not there when he installed the radiator but I have seen it and from what he told me and from that I have seen it does not look all that hard to install.
  12. Hey 2L8,
    I know this is way :OT: but how close are you and Sly to Bristol,TN?
  13. I am about 1.5 hrs give or take a few min from Bristol. That is actually the closest 1/4 track to us. Actually where sly lives is only about an hour from Bristol. The only problem getting there is it is a two lane road up the mountain since they have not completed the four lane section from NC to TN yet on 19-23 going towards Bristol. Actually all Sly has to do to get there is stay straight on 19 instead of getting off of the exit to go to his house and he can be there in about an hour or so. If you want to talk more then IM me RC2L8ULUZ2. It's a little easier than posting here to talk.
  14. Do you still have the pics of the radiator install. I am looking to install one in my 95GT. Thanks for any help you have to offer
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  18. Yes, it's an old thread lol but i'm wondering if you still happen to have the pics that went along with it, or if anybody else has put this in their car and has pics of it? I'm going to be replacing my radiator in the next week or so and don't want to spend the money for the direct fits, and just want to see how it looks in there. I just can't get it in my head how a 3/1/2" thick one fits where a 1" thick one is without hitting the belt or A/C lines, thanks.
  19. I want to see the pics too please.... :D
  20. Welcome to the forum man, i have the 2 1/2" ant i only have like a half inch between the fan and the water pump pulley.