1966 Fastback 6cyl conversion to include suspension work


New Member
Sep 28, 2020
Redmond Oregon
Hey all, I have a very clean 66 fastback with a 6cyl and 3spd on the floor. I'm looking to convert the whole thing over to a real nice driver that you can take on the track if you want. I'm looking at 347 up to a 427 engine. The question I have is what is a real nice suspension setup for this. I've been recently looking at the Heidt's systems for front and back. The IRS on the rear seems very nice, along with the front with the rack and pinion steering. It all looks bolt on or weld on, haven't researched that, but my question is. Is the front and rear frame strong enough for a system like this. I was under the car pressure washing in anticipation of pulling it apart. The frame is perfect but doesn't give me a warm feeling when tapping on it with a ball peen hammer. Compared to my early Camaro, the frame seems so thin and cheap. Has anyone done a build like this that could give me a little advice on products etc.
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