Build Thread 1967 Dynacorn Fastback

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  1. i just love the look of that SPI red oxide . i am going to try to order some soon
    if it can be shipped to cali. they discontinued the red oxide i used before .nothing looks cleaner than red oxide . about what does a gallon run?
  2. This was the first time I used it and I like it a lot and will be using it on a lot of projects. I believe the cost is around $90.00 a gallon plus a gallon of activator is the same price giving you 2 gallons sprayable.
  3. not to bad , the primer i was using was almost $300 all together .it was 1-1
  4. That was heck of an interior sensing job. Was it all done by hand?
  5. No used a few things DA, wire wheel and angle grinder with 3" brown disc.
  6. even with the sanders thats a job. just looking at it makes my hands and back hurt
  7. What's a DA ? Dental assistant!:confused:
  8. duel action sander ,but it does vibrate your teeth loose
  9. I found that I have a DA that I forgot all about. It should lessen the load.
  10. I have had questions wanting to know what issue this would be in and I'm happy to say it's in the March issue that just went to the printers.

    This is what Brian has been fabricating. It is an under the dash hood release. The hood required a lot of fabrication along with this latch that came off of another Ford. To find out all the details you will have to read the build story in an upcoming issue of Modified Mustangs & Fords magazine.

  11. We wanted the rear to look stock so I sprayed it SPI red oxide epoxy


  12. The engine came in a couple of weeks ago


    We had to change the motor mounts to Ron Morris adjustable to clear the hood.



    It runs on pump gas and makes 502HP @5900 and 533 ftlbs torque @3600. Click to see the video.

    View attachment 121296
  13. Thanks for posting the dyno pull! Looks like it might be time to invest in some better tie down!
  14. Very cool build. Can't wait to see it complete.
  15. The owner wanted the car assembled so the stainless exhaust could be designed to fit around the Total Control Products rear suspension and subframe connectors in case anything had to be modified before paint.

    On the way to the exhaust shop on a dreary rainy day here in Florida

  16. Great info. Thanks. Starting to look like the fitment issues might make for a lot of man hours and added cost.